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Springtime 2019

Spring was a busy time at First Baptist Church in Belmar; and along with our regular Sunday Services here were some of the additions to our calendar.


It started in April, of course, with our Resurrection Day Service followed by the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt. 


May is always reserved for our annual Mother’s Day Brunch hosted by the FBC Men.  Also in May, the FBC women held our second annual women’s retreat. 


June was the busiest month of all with a special praise and celebration each week it seemed. On the First Sunday, three were baptized and became new members of the FBC family and God’s Kingdom: Jayla Freeman, Tiffany Wendelstedt and Jonathan Longstreet. Mid June is for Dads and Grads…  The FBC Women hosted the annual Father’s Day Brunch; and the church celebrated and recognized all of our students.  From the smallest students in Pre K to our college graduates, Simone Thomas and Asya Robinson, we praise God for all of their accomplishments.  Our Children’s Ministry even put together a Juneteenth presentation.  We ended the month with the recognition of our pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. on his 3rd Pastoral Anniversary; under his leadership and with God’s help, FBC has grown in size and spirit. 


So, as you can see, there are lots of things going on at First Baptist Church.  We thank God for all the many blessings this Spring and we look forward to what He has in store for us as we continue to move forward through 2019.  Pics to come


Accolades for Deacon Shivers!

On Saturday, June 8, 2019, our own Deacon Bellamy Shivers, Chair of our Diaconate Ministry, received a community service award from the Men Make A Difference organization at their 11th annual event.  Deacon Shivers, along with 11 other men were recognized in various catagories as men who are community minded in word and in deed.  He received the "Unsung Patriot" award for being on the battlefield over the years and doing what God would have him do.  We are very proud of Deacon Shivers and his accomplishments.






2019 FBC Women's Retreat a Big Success!

God truly met the women of the 2019 First Baptist Church Retreat at the Sandy Cove Retreat Center in Maryland!  He blessed us with everything we needed for a spirit filled weekend of prayer, meditation, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. 


Twenty eight women were blessed to attend the May retreat – 20 were from FBC!  Friends and family traveled from Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania to join us.  Sisters-in-Christ from United Fellowship Baptist Church in Asbury Park and Emmanuel Baptist Church in Shrewsbury also attended, making our group the second largest at Sandy Cove that weekend.


The retreat center sat on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and the view was breathtaking.  The conference itself – lead by Veirdre Jackson, EdD. – was awe inspiring, and her praise dance had everyone on their feet; God was truly in the midst of it all.  With ample down time the ladies were also able to partake in arts and craft classes, pool activities, Zumba, Tai Chi Chih; and several of our group actually did the Zip-line!  That weekend was all about praise and worship of the Most High; sisterly hugs; joyous tears; music and song; meeting new people; honest conversations; and memories which will last for weeks, months and maybe years to come.  See pics here  And more pics to come!

ABCNJ  Visits  FBC

Rev. Eric Hoheisel, Associate Regional Pastor of the American Baptist Churches of NJ (ABCNJ) traveled to Belmar on February 3, 2019 to worship with us at our Sunday Service.  First Baptist Church joined the ABC last year and Rev. Eric, as he likes to be called, came to give us our official welcome into the New Jersey regional fold.  During his remarks Rev. Eric spoke a little bit about ABCNJ membership and cited upcoming educational opportunities such as the COAL Training workshop on March 16.  Rev. Eric also assisted Pastor Jackson in Holy Communion Service. Before leaving, Rev. Eric prayed for the congregation and encouraged us to continue with God's work. 

First Baptist Church of Belmar Friends and Family Day!

All are invited to our annual Friends and Family Day on Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 10am. After Sunday Morning Service, there will be lots of good food, fun games and great fellowship!  Wear something casual because, weather permitting, we will be enjoying this day outdoors on church grounds!  Join us as we praise God together and thank him for our Friends and Family!  

Evangelism Series at FBC!

Come and learn more about Evangelism and how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ at our next class on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 7p at First Baptist Church, 410 9th Ave., Belmar, NJ.  The Evangelism Series will run every Wednesday in the month of September and is being taught by Evangelist Tommie Dellamonica under the direction of FBC pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr.

Evangelism 101


A conversation is an informal exchange of ideas by spoken word. Effective

evangelism starts with a conversation and must be done face to face.


Be like Jesus.  He was unwilling to cast anyone aside.

Be ready to talk to anyone, not just one type of person ie: man or woman, black or white, dirty or clean, tall or short!


Be careful not to use “Christianese" -- everyday religious sayings that may not mean a thing to the person you are evangelizing to; ie: “Blessed and highly favored”, “When we all get to heaven, what a time, what a time!”  Talk about life to people who don’t go to church; and just be yourself!


Don’t forget that listening is extremely important!

Think of the 90 – 10 rule.  Listen 90% of the time and talk 10%. Don’t be so quick to interrupt and interject your thoughts.  If you listen intently, then you will know what to pray with them about.


And always emphasize to everyone that God loves them no matter what you have done in the past, what you are doing now and what you will do in the future!  “God loves you no matter what”!                         



Evangelism 101

Evangelism is…

Street preaching and spreading the Gospel


Planting seeds


Evangelism is not…

An opportunity to judge, chastise, vent or tell people your point of view.


August 2018 Happenings!


First Baptist Church had a different flavor in August as we heard God’s word from three different guest preachers!  Our pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. took a much needed rest last month as he actually took a seat in the congregation with us on Sunday mornings to be ministered to as well.  Let us not forget what Psalm 23 says in part; ”…He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, He leadeth me beside the still waters.  He restoreth my soul…”  Everyone needs a rest from time to time.        


On August 5, Rev. Everett Mitchell preached a powerful word letting us all know that ”Even Now”, God is working on our behalf. The Second Sunday, we welcomed back Evangelist Tommie Dellamonica who always brings a relevant word. This time out of the book of Luke.  Evangelist Tommie will also be leading our Wednesday Evening Bible Study for the entire month of September with a series of classes on Evangelism.  On the Third Sunday our very own Minister Adrianne Robinson taught us about “Efthyni” the Greek word for responsibility expounding on Ezekiel 33; and on Sunday, August 26, Evangelist Karen Boateng finished out the month in song and delivering a word on what we should do while waiting in “God’s Waiting Room”. 


You can find a summary of most of these sermons and more on the Inspirations page of the website.


It is always exciting to have guest preachers, but it was wonderful having our own Pastor Jackson back in the pulpit for First Sunday Services in September!


Glory to God!  Using our time, talent and treasures for God and FBC!



Sis. Joy Goddard is hard at work measuring, cutting and pinning fabric before sitting down at the sewing machine to make chair covers for the pulpit for Holy Communion services.  She is an extremely talented seamstress and has also sewn curtains, chair cushions, costumes and other items for the church.  Sis. Joy even plans to teach a basic sewing skills class to interested FBC members in the fall.   




Bro. Michael Goddard loves gardening and it shows.  Recently, after weeding the flower bed along the west wall of the church, he added hostas and other assorted plants. Helping him that day was Deac. Bellamy Shivers and Bro. Michael Henriques.   Bro. Michael also plants tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in the FBC Family Garden at the rear of the church each year so that church members can have fresh vegetables all summer. 





Jaylaa, granddaughter of Sis. Melinda Wendelstedt, holds up one of the many fans she and her cousins made to comfort church members on these very hot Sunday mornings.  Sis. Melinda said that the children decided all by themselves to take on this project.  After a quick trip to the arts and crafts store, they were hard at work creating these one of a kind originals.  Each of the more than 25 fans has a different scripture, thought of the week or picture on it.   The children are here visiting their Grandmother for part of the Summer and we love seeing them each Sunday at church service.  Not pictured are Laeyla and Kha.

Blessed First Sunday Activities

July 1, 2018 was filled with blessed events!  First Baptist Church serves Communion during First Sunday services each month; but this month, Pastor Jackson baptized 5 of God's sons and daughters.  Newly baptized members boldly and publically confessed that they have given their lives to Christ; they are, Craig Kelly, Cliffwood; Melissa Stafford, Eatontown; Kaelynn Purifoy, Eatontown; Siani Henriques, Belmar; and Amari Thomas of Lake Como.  Hallelujah the spirit was high at FBC that morning!


A Sunday to Remember!

Sunday, June 24, 2018 was overflowing with joy and thanksgiving for what God has done!  The church was even decorated with ribbons and bows to let everyone know how excited we all are at First Baptist with how God is blessing our little church.  The morning started off with the Pastor's Anniversary Service, which included lots of love and laughter and of course the Word of God.  Following the service, we dedicated our eagerly awaited new church steeple and cross; and the afternoon ended with a luncheon downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  It was truly a Sunday to Remember!

Pastor's Anniversary Service

First Baptist Church of Belmar celebrated our Pastor's 2nd Anniversary on Sunday, June 24, 2018.  The church was filled with family and friends, all to congratulate Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr.  and wish him well!  The sermon was preached by one of our favorite preachers -- Rev. Dr. Nicole Drakeford from First Baptist Church in Vaux Hall, NJ.  She is truly annointed and always brings a relevant word.   

We like to have fun at FBC! 

Pictured above are Sis. Deloris Daniel and Sis. Barbara Putney as church ushers slightly confused as to whether it is Senior Ushers' Day or not; in a skit entitled: "IS it Pastor's Anniversary?!"  The performance, directed by Sis. Yvonne Baisden, was hysterical as we listened to the women go back and forth about their pet peeves and trying to keep straight which celebration is taking place that Sunday morning!  We all had a great time in Jesus' name!

Steeple and Cross Dedication

Along with our Pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., who is truly a blessing in the life of First Baptist Church; we give thanks, honor and glory to God for also blessing us with our new church steeple and cross. 


In 2012, Super Storm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore.  FBC is only 3 blocks from the ocean and was nearly destroyed by the storm surge that pushed its way to Main Street.  Our little church was completely flooded and actually took on five feet of mud.  The winds blew the cross off the roof.  The church was left with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damages.  Some people thought the 100 plus year old church might not survive...but we know a faithful God! 


The work of rebuilding FBC began in the aftermath of the storm and continued under our late pastor, Rev. Arthur Goddard who died in 2016 at the age of 94.  Pastor Jackson oversaw the finishing touches and with the beautiful steeple and cross being placed atop of our church, we are witnesses to the final piece of the 6-year restoration. 


God has truly blessed First Baptist Church with lots of love and support; and we would like to thank everyone who donated their time, talent and funds to the Building and Steeple Projects.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.


The steeple and cross rising upwards into the sky points the way to God and makes First Baptist Church of Belmar instantly recognizable as a House of God.  First Baptist is a place for people to come and work out their soul’s salvation; and First Baptist is a place to worship and to fellowship in the name of Jesus.

First Baptist Church Father's Day Weekend 2018!



The annual Fathers' Day Brunch is hosted by the women of FBC and they outdid themselves again!  One of the highlights was fresh homemade waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream! 





Left: Sis. Yvonne Baisden helps serve the FBC Dads and their guests at the Fathers' Day Brunch on Saturday.




Sunday morning service was preached by our own Min. Ed Robinson.  He was powerful and to the point focusing on the prodical son from Luke 15 20-24.  To read a summary of his sermon click here.








Photo left: Min. Ed Robinson preaches the Fathers' Day message entitled "The Loving Father".


Photo below: Bro. Michael Henriques and daughter Sis. Siani just one of the Father/Child duos in attendance.


To view more photos from Fathers' Day 2018 click here.

Guest Preacher!

Evangelist Tommie Dellamonica gave a powerful lesson on Sunday, June 10, 2018 coming out of John 5:2-8.  He described the scene at pool at Bethesda as people "not dipping a toe into the pool, but cannon balling" into the troubled waters to get their blessings!  But the lame man of 38 years lay waiting for someone to put him into the pool.  Jesus saw him and asked why he had been there so long . "Wilt thou be made whole?"  The man said that he had no one to help him and that everyone kept getting in front of him. After hearing that... Jesus said, "Rise, take up thy bed and walk!" And immediately the man was made whole! Hallelujah!

To view more pictures

The First Baptist Church 2018 Women's Day Sisterhood Dinner!

Fellowshipping at the Sisterhood Dinner are from left to right... First Baptist Church members, Minister Adrianne Robinson, Deacon Louise Shivers and First Lady Delinda Jackson.


True Sisterhood was on display at the annual Women's Day Dinner as the ladies from First Baptist Church, Belmar and their guests broke bread and enjoyed an evening together at the Bedrock Bistro in Avon on Friday, May 18, 2018.  The evening began with a warm welcome and scripture -- Ecc 4:9-10 --  by Sis. Kathy Henriques, followed by prayer by Min. Adrianne Robinson.  A short presention about what it means to be a sister in the sisterhood was given by Deacon Louise Shivers.  A delicious 4-course meal followed including Coconut Shrimp and Calamari for appetizers!  During dessert the women were treated to a slide presentation by Sis. Adell Daugherty on plans for the 2019 FBC Women's Retreat.  The retreat will be held at the Sandy Cove Retreat Center in Maryland.  The ladies were very excited about next year's trip and were instructed to tell their female friends and family members. The more the merrier! If anyone would like information about this wonderful spiritual event, please contact the church at 732-681-2315 or email at info@fbcbelmarnj.org.    

Click here to view more pictures.

Thank you so much!!! For the second year in a row, the men did us proud as they hosted the Pre-Mothers' Day Brunch at First Baptist Church on Saturday, May 12,2018.  As always the men brought their "A" game and prepared a feast!  Pictured from left to right.  Everett Cheaver, Michael Goddard, Deacon Bellamy Shivers, Minister Ed Robinson, Earl Baisden and Pastor James A. Jackson, Jr.  Missing from this photo is Michael Henriques.  more pictures to come...

Study to shew thyself approved by God... 2Tim 2:15


There was lots of studying going on at First Baptist Church on April 29, 2018.  Pastor James A. Jackson, Jr. taught our regularly scheduled 5th Sunday Corporate Sunday School upstairs in the sanctuary to established FBC members and visitors; while Deacon Bellamy Shivers taught our new Fellowcitizens' Course downstairs in the dining hall to those who have recently joined First Baptist! After classes were over, everyone came back together in the sanctuary for the Right Hand of Fellowship as we joyously welcomed 13 new members to FBC! God is Good and adding to the flock!


Licensing Ceremony for Min. Adrianne J. Robinson!


Min. Adrianne J. Robinson, the first female minister licensed by First Baptist Church, Belmar!

On Sunday, April 8, 2018, First Baptist Church, Belmar made history as it licensed its first female minister in the church's 118 year existence.  The friends and family in the nearly capacity filled sanctuary witnessed and celebrated the elevation of one of God’s daughters, Adrianne J. Robinson.


Sis. Adrianne and her husband, Edward G. Robinson, III, also a minister, joined First Baptist Church a little more than a year ago and the FBC family immediately embraced them as their own.  A deaconess at the time, Sis. Adrianne continued to work for the Lord by being the facilitator of our first Women’s Retreat.   But God had other plans for her and shortly after the retreat; FBC Pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. began her ministerial training.


After the completion of her training and many weeks of planning, the licensing day finally arrived.  The day’s activity began with our Sunday Morning Service preached by her husband, Min. Ed.   

Pastor Jackson described Min. Ed as the John the Baptist to Sis. Adrianne and her forthcoming message later that afternoon.  After Sunday Service, First Baptist hosted a luncheon for Sis. Adrianne and her family; many of whom came in from out of town for the occasion.  Immediately following the luncheon, the licensing program began.


The Lord was truly blessed that afternoon as we praised and worshiped Him through dance and song led by the FBC Praise Dancers and Praise Team.  Then Prospective Minister Adrianne delivered her sermon on the biblical word, Selah!  She preached a powerful message and throughout the sermon, the congregation was up on their feet many times honoring God for all He had done.


During The Act of Licensing part of the program, Pastor Jackson presented the official certificate to the newest member of our clergy, Minister Adrianne J. Robinson.  He also gave her a few “Ministerial tools” including a Star Book for Ministers, anointing oil and the keys to the church.  All of the clergy members present at the ceremony were asked to join Pastor Jackson in the “laying on of hands” on Min. Adrianne as Rev. Sandra McLeod, Second Baptist Church, Long Branch, was asked to pray over her and her new journey.  It was a very emotional moment.


God is always happy for the increase and First Baptist is very excited to add Min. Adrianne to the leadership of the church.  Now her real work begins as she helps FBC win even more souls for Christ.


To view more pictures click here.

2018 Resurrection Sunday Activities! 

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., FBC Pastor, preached to a packed house on Resurrection Sunday, April 1, 2018.  Also taking place was our regular 1st Sunday Communion Service, a Resurrection Play and a Baby Blessing!  There is always lots going on in God's House that day!

Jesus, played by Bro. Michael Henriques shows Doubting Thomas, played by Bro. Earl Baisden the nail marks in His hands during the Resurrection Sunday Play.

Pastor Jackson prays over Baby Sariyah Adele-Rose Henry during the Baby Blessing on Resurrection Sunday as FBC Music Director, James Rucker plays meditatively in the background.  FBC choir director, Melissa Stafford is Sariyah's proud Grandmother and her parents are Tyana Foster and Steward Henry.  

More Resurrection Sunday activity pictures click here.

FBC participating in two local 7 Final Words Services on Good Friday!

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. will be giving the 7th Word of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, March 30, 2018.  The presentations are being held at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, 1301 Springwood Ave., Asbury Park, NJ and will begin at 12 noon.


ALSO... Sis. Joy Goddard will be representing First Baptist and giving the 3rd Word of Jesus Christ  during Good Friday Services at 12 noon on March 30, 2018 at the West Belmar United Methodist Church at 1000 17th Ave. on the corner of  I St. in Wall. 


We ask that you show your support for our FBC Family and make every effort to attend one of these important services as a part of your Good Friday observances.  You will be BLESSED!  

Busy Sunday at FBC!

Guest preacher, Rev. Dr. Nicole Drakeford preaches a mighty word at FBC durng Sunday Morning Services, March 18, 2018.

All smiles after a dynamic Sunday Morning Service.  Pictured from l. to r. are FBC Chairman of Deacons' Ministry, Deac. Bellamy Shivers; Rev. Dr. Nicole Drakeford, guest preacher from First Baptist Church,Vaux Hall, NJ; Rev. James, A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor FBC; FBC Min. Edward Robinson and his wife Minister in Training, Adrianne Robinson.   Click here for more pictures.

National Black Marriage Day Celebration!

FBC recognized National Black Marriage Day on Sunday, March 18, 2018.  A special presentation by Deacon Bellamy and Deaconess Louise Shivers during Sunday Morning Services, briefly described how you can make your marriage even better with the 5 Love Languages concept.  After services  everyone was invited downstairs to the dining hall for refreshments.  A special goody bag was given to all the married couples in attendance.   


Pictured at left, are Bro. Michael and his wife Sis. Kathy Henriques cutting the cake. 

Click here for more pictures.

Guest Preacher at FBC this Sunday!

The Rev. Dr. Nicole Drakeford will be delivering the word at our Sunday Morning Services on March 18, 2018.  She is a dynamic preacher from First Baptist Church in Vaux Hall, NJ.  Please join us at FBC Belmar at 10am for a spiritual filled high time in the Lord. 

Special Celebration!

Minister in Training, Adrianne Robinson will be licensed Sunday, April 8 at 3:30 pm at First Baptist Church.  Please click here for more details! 

First Baptist Church Joins St Paul Baptist Church for BHM Program

Where Is the Leader in You! Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr.  preached to the masses at St. Paul Baptist Church in Red Bank for their Black History Program on Sunday, February 25.  Pastor's sermon was out of  Joshua 1:6 -- Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord they God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. 

Lift every voice and sing!  The FBC Praise Team and musicians lead the congregation in songs at the St Paul Baptist Church Black History Month program.  Along with our FBC family who came out to support Pastor Jackson and the Praise Team, the sanctuary was filled with members from the host church, St. Paul, Red Bank and Emmanuel Baptist Church, Tinton Falls. To view more pictures click Photo Gallery

Black History Month at FBC!

On the last Sunday of Black History Month, Minister Edward G. Robinson preached out of Nehemiah and brought home the theme "Reclaiming My Time", a quote made famous by the U.S. Congresswoman from California. 

To read a summary of his sermon click here Inspirations*  

Guest Preacher! 

Elder Jamon T. Bailey of Grace City Church, Baltimore, MD, blessed us with a powerful and thought provoking word during Sunday Morning Service on February 11, 2018.  His sermon titled,"He Did It On Purpose", touched our hearts as well as our minds.  "Jesus died for us on purpose!"  That was no accident!  Elder Bailey is a long time friend of our Pastor, Rev. Jackson and traveled all the way from Maryland with his son Ethan to be with us. 




Elder Bailey's visit also happened to coincide with the church's celebration of Pastor and First Lady Delinda Jackson's 8th wedding anniversary!  (The actual anniversary date is February 14th) And of course, what would a celebration be without flowers, cake and sparkling cider? Happy Anniversary from your FBC family!


Click  Photo Gallery to view more pictures

Installation of 2018 Officers and Leadership...

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. led the official installation of nine First Baptist Church members into leadership positions during the Sunday Services on February 4, 2018. The Leadership Council members are Chairman of the Deacons' Ministry, Deacon Bellamy Shivers; Deacon Mark Turner; Deaconess Louise Shivers; Chairman of the Trustee Ministry, Sis. Deloris Daniel; Trustee Sis. Barbara Putney; Trustee Sis. Jackie Thomas; Treasurer Sis. Joy Goddard; Minister Edward Robinson and Minister-in-Training, Sis. Adrianne Robinson.   All nine were annointed by Deacon Shivers before Pastor Jackson charged them with their duties and responsibilities.  We thank the Lord for these individuals who will assist our Pastor in leading FBC forward, as we all continue to do God's work.

Celebrate Black History Month!

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of blacks in U.S. history.  Please visit our Black History Month page daily to learn a new fact about the many contributions that we have made to shape the world we live in today.  

Know the past, Shape the future...

Worship Sunday with the Deltas...


The Ladies of Monmouth County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. (MCAC) visited First Baptist of Belmar for Sunday Morning Service on January 28, 2018.  Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., pastor of FBC is pictured surrounded by sorority members including to his right, Debra Taliaferro-Holmes, president of the chapter.  Also to the far left are FBC members Sis. Joy Goddard and Sis. Deloris Daniel.  Sis. Goddard, in red, is one of the founding members of MCAC.     

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season...


First Baptist Church, Belmar is getting ready for Christmas like never before!  The church has been decorated with wreaths on the front doors; wreaths, garland and poinsettias in the sanctuary; and in the foyer, a Christmas tree simply decorated with white lights and a special length of garland adorned with all the names of Jesus hand-printed on it.  Jesus, Lord, Son of God, Bright and Morning Star, Prince of Peace...  Red poinsetters anchor the presentation and add a splash of color.


The decorations are just one part of the celebration of the Birth of Jesus.  On Sunday, December 24, during the regular  10am service, FBC will perform a play entitled "Just A Little Christmas".  The play, acted out by several members of FBC tells the story of  Jesus' birth and is being directed by our own Sis. Yvonne Baisden.  Lunch will be served immediately after service in the church's fellowship hall.  All are invited to share in the festivities!  

View pictures in Photo Gallery

New addition to FBC Leadership...


Min. Edward G. Robinson, left, receives his license from our pastor,  Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr.  We are excited that Min. Robinson has become a part of the FBC family!


Come and get renewed, refreshed and revived in God's Word at First Baptist Church, Belmar!  The REVIVAL will be held at on November 14 & 15 at 7pm at FBC 410 Ninth Ave., Belmar.  Our Guest Revivalist will be Rev. Robert Williams of Second Baptist Church in Keyport.  Everyone is invited... Come and be blessed!  

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Summertime at FBC!


In July, FBC again welcomed volunteers from American Baptist Church USA to assist with our summer project.  This is the second summer that ABCUSA members -- mostly young people --  from Ohio, Connecticut, the Carolinas and other parts of the country have come to our church.  This year they helped us with debris clean up, weeding and other landscaping tasks. 


August began the harvest of vegetables from our own FBC garden!  Tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and more were planted in spring by Bro. Michael Goddard and other FBC Family members; and a few months later, God blessed us with a bounty.  FBC Family and friends are welcome to pick vegetables after Sunday services.


Also in August God gave us an opportunity to worship outside of FBC.  Our pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., was invited to preach at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Neptune and the entire FBC family joined him!  It was truly a blessing to visit our brothers and sisters from Mt. Carmel and the Lord met us there! 

Happy 1st Anniversary Pastor Jackson! 


How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?  Romans 10:14


On June 25, 2016, God’s preacher, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., was installed as the new pastor of First Baptist Church, Belmar.  During Rev. Jackson’s first year as pastor, God blessed FBC mightily; including a significant increase in church membership and the establishment of our first Women’s Retreat.  In addition, FBC will greatly benefit from the new national affiliation with the American Baptist Churches, USA (ABCUSA) and subsequently a regional affiliation with the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey (ABCNJ); which also occured during Rev. Jackson's first year. 


We pray for continued growth in all aspects of our church as we look forward to what the Lord has planned for Rev. Jackson and for First Baptist Church in the next 12 months and many years to come.

2017 Father's Day Weekend at FBC


The Ladies of FBC showed thier appreciation for the Men of the church by hosting a Fathers' Day Brunch on Saturday, June 17.  We all had a "good time in the Lord" as we fellowshipped and ate all morning long.  On that Sunday morning, boutonnieres were presented to each father in attendance and the Pastor gave a powerfulmessage in honor of the special day, entitled "A Few Good Men". After services, the Ladies finished off the Fathers' Day Weekend celebration with cake and beverages that were shared by all downstairs int he church dining area.

First Baptist Church’ s First Annual Women’s Retreat Weekend


On the weekend of May 19 – 21, 2017, the women of First Baptist Church, Belmar, held our first Women’s Retreat, with plans to make it an annual event. The theme of our retreat was Women of the Bible…Unique. Faithful. Strong. Empowered.; and the scripture was… But the Lord stood by my side and gave me strength. 2Timothy 4:17. The entire weekend was blessed and consisted of a Sisterhood Dinner at the Bedrock Bistro in Avon on Friday night; an Early Morning Praise and Worship event at Belmar Beach on Saturday; workshops and other activities during the rest of the day Saturday and finished with a special Women’s Day Church Service on Sunday morning.   The women of FBC were extremely excited to be able to put together this wonderful spiritual opportunity.          View more pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Retreat attendees participated in a symbolic Stone Throw.  The women were instructed to write on one side of a smooth stone something that we wanted God to help them get rid of and on the other side, something they wanted God to bless us with; i.e. chaos/calm; resentment/compassion, etc.  They then prayed over those situations and tossed the stones into the ocean.  

Adrianne Robinson, retreat facilitator, presenting the workshop entitled Who Are They? and Who Are We?  Sis. Robinson helped us study various godly qualities of some of the women of the bible during two workshops and guided us into discussions about our own lives and how we can become more like those women.

Sunday morning church services completed the FBC Women’s Retreat Weekend.  FBC Min. Hansen Robinson looks on as guest preacher, Rev. Virginia Feldman from Second Baptist Church, Long Branch presided.

Mothers’ Day 2017 at FBC


The men of First Baptist Church lead by our pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., showed their appreciation for the mothers of the church with a Mothers’ Day Breakfast on the Saturday morning before the big day.  Pastor Jackson said of the event, “We just wanted to let the FBC women know how much we appreciated all they do!”  Some 20 women attended the breakfast held in the church’s dining hall and were served a wide variety of food all skillfully prepared and served by the men.  The menu included scrambled eggs, banana pancakes, waffles, two kinds of sausage, bacon, fish cakes, biscuits and of course coffee, tea and juice.  The general consensus was summed up by one of the women in attendance, “The whole morning was a blessing! The food was so delicious and it was so nice for the men of the church to take the time to serve us!”

View more pictures on the Photo Gallery

FBC member Sis. Emily Boone and her daughter Janet Graham enjoy the Mothers’ Day Breakfast.

FBC member Sis. Deloris Daniel goes back for seconds at the Mothers’ Day Breakfast.

Twice the Blessings!

First Baptist Church Sunday Worship Services were extra special on April 30, 2017 as we heard from two guest speakers that morning.

Rev. Justin Hayward truly blessed us all as he preached our Fifth Sunday service on the topic of “Stick with Jesus”!  One of Rev. Hayward’s declarations included, “Jesus wants FULL CUSTODY – he doesn’t just want to see or hear from you on the weekends!  He wants you on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…”  Amen!

Bro. Bob Weston delivered a beautiful rendition of “Through It All” before speaking to the congregation about his missionary experiences in Jamaica.  Bro. Weston was in town visiting with relatives Bro. Michael and Sis. Kathy Henriques (members of FBC) and the entire Henriques Family. 

First Baptist Church leadership with Fifth Sunday guests.

L. to r.  Chairman of FBC Deacon’s Ministry, Deac. Bellamy Shivers; FBC Pastor, Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr.; guest preacher, Rev. Justin Hayward; FBC Ministers, Hansen Robinson and Edward G. Robinson (no relation) and visiting missionary from Jamaica, Bro. Bob Weston.

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