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Edited by Min. Adrianne J. Robinson, Associate Minister, First Baptist Church 

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Sunday school lesson- Tradition vs Faith
Galatians 2:11-21
Beloved, remember- your faith must not be based on what you do for God, but rather on what God has done for us through His Son Jesus Christ. Do not let traditions get in the way of your worship!


"The Father Knows Best"
Scripture Isaiah 40:31
The scripture reminds us to wait on the Lord. He knows best. There are no surprises to Him. Jesus is our pilot- not the co-pilot. The whole world is the Lord's and everything in it.
Church folks can be the world's biggest pretenders. But, truth be told- ALL people have concerns and problems. Those who walk the path of Jesus will suffer the most--so HOLD ON!! God- our Father- knows best!!
Now is the time to know the Lord! We need to wait on Him and watch Him work.
Everyone is going through something and when things feel out of control- remember God is still in control.
Be blessed!
Preacher - Minister Fannie M. Ross, FBC Assoc. Min., 10/8/2023 
"It looks like it- but it aint it"
Scripture 2 Timothy 3:1-5- especially verse 5
The scripture refers to people who make an effort for an outward appearance of religion, but on the inside it is a lie- no godliness in them. 
It is an easy trap pretending to be something we are not. Most times we try to fit in- but this can be dangerous territory. We should live a life in total integrity and be who God called us to be. Life is not about being fake and phony!
It's not about what you have, but where you are going. You are a child of the most high God and you need to walk in His truth!!
Be blessed!!
 Preacher- Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr 10/1/2023
"Kidnapped by Sin; Rescued by Faith"
Scripture- Luke 15:11-16, 22-24
The word kidnapping means "being taken away from a current situation and be put in a new role" or "being held hostage and having no control". This is what sin tries to do to us.
Like the younger son in our scripture text, we need to come to our senses. We must realize and recognize our need for God. If it was not for God- where would we be?
Because of repentance and believing we are forgiven, we can be rescued. Through faith in God's gift of salvation through Jesus, we shall be saved.
Christ broke the shackles binding us sin thru His death and resurrection. Because of this, we can walk in the newness of life. God rescued us from sin by giving us His only Son. Let your faith in God keep you from being kidnapped by sin!
Hallejuah and AMEN!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 9/3/2023
Why is it so Hard to Get Rid of Anger?
Scriptures- Ecclesiastes 7:9; Matthew 5:21-22 and Ephesians 4:26-27
Whether it's annoyance, aggravation or rage- it's all anger. Anger is toxic and corrosive to our spirit. It makes us bitter- not better. Anger destroys relationships and damages lives.
How do we deal with our anger? Why we do we like to hold onto our anger? Do we like to keep it because it makes us feel good? And we cannot be responsible for someone else's anger.
Feeling anger is a real emotion. Anger for injustices is valid, but the key is not to sin in our anger.
The scriptures are clear- we are to get rid of anger. Not to manage it- get rid of it! The Bible instructs us not to be so easily provoked.
Some practical strategies to help us get rid of anger-
  • Remind yourself about the truths about God - He is a just God.
  • Save your energy and channel it into doing something good for someone else. Seek peace.
  • Remember how much you have been forgiven. Look to the cross and the price Jesus paid.
Think on this- don't you want God to be angry-free when you meet him face to face?
Guest Preacher, Rev. Eric Hoheisel, Assoc Regional Pastor, American Baptist Churches of NJ  August 26, 2023
"When the Storm is Raging- Praise"
Scripture- Acts 16:25
Storms can be brutal and destroy anything in their path. Our spiritual storms feel like they might devastate our lives.
In our scripture text, Paul and Silas are praying and praising while imprisoned! Beloved, when you are striving to live for God and given your life to Christ, there is a target on your back and storms will be in your forecast!
No matter the type of storm- we still need to praise God. If we say we truly know God, there should be a praise inside of us. If we recognize all God has done for us, there should be a praise inside of us. If you know it was Him who woke you up this morning, there should be a praise inside of you!
No matter what you are going through, stay in prayer and give God all the praise!!
Be blessed!
Minister Fannie Ross, Assoc. Minister FBC -- August 13, 2023
"Information Overload"
Scripture- Philippians 4:8-9
In our scripture text- Paul is speaking to his beloved church of Philippi. Throughout this book, Paul is addressing the discourse in the church in regards to unity and false teachings.
He is trying to get across about our need to focus… but focus on what?
“Information overload" -is a term that refers to the difficulty a person can have understanding an issue and making decisions that can be caused by the presence of too much information.
We must program ourselves to focus on those things which are true, trustworthy, praise-worthy, admirable, pure, lovely and right. Replace harmful input with wholesome, God-worthy input and material. Concentrate on things of God- and not focus on the lies of the enemy.
If you start feeling overloaded, confused, irritated, overwhelmed , frustrated- focus on the One who can calm your thoughts and your mind!! Turn into over to Jesus and He will work it out !
Minister Adrianne Robinson, Assoc. Minister  August 6, 2023
"Customer Service"
Scripture- Matthew 7:12- read in KJV, NLT and MSG translations
Everyone is familiar with the “Golden Rule”. And this verse of scripture is not just in churches- it exists in secular settings as well. In short- it basically means- - to treat others as you would want to be treated.
This golden rule is the foundation of active goodness and active mercy- —-active——- not passive. Active requires energy—-it requires action.
When Jesus taught this concept- he was saying- it’s not enough to just avoid doing evil……we have to do good! Do not shy away from what seems hard….
Go the extra mile……providing that good customer service means making sure we put the needs of others before our own agenda.
Because we do believe in Christ, His model of customer service is what we are to be following. You may not have the job title of “customer service rep”, but how you treat others will be rated?
Would it be excellent or would it be poor? Or would you fall in the middle- neither agree or disagree? On a scale of 1-10- where would your spiritual customer service land? What number circle would you fill in? 10 for best- 1 for lousy….
Beloved- do good to others!
Minister Adrianne Robinson, FBC Assoc. Min -- July 23, 2023
"Stay in Your Lane"
Scripture- 1 Chronicles 21:1-7
The phrase "stay in your lane" quite simply means- stop interfering and butt-out!
Re-read verse 1 of this passage of scripture. David in fact was tempted into sin. He allowed the enemy (satan) to get him to go out of his lane. David was boasting in his pride and what he thought was his army's strength. He was taking credit for things that did not belong to him. Because of his actions, the nation of Israel was punished.
We should not live our lives with an "all about me" attitude. It is all about God!! No matter your title- at work, school or church, it is about God and His business.
Remember, God is merciful and if we repent, He will forgive us. Keep your focus on Christ and keep Him first at all times. That is your lane!!
Be blessed..
Minister Fannie Ross, FBC Assoc. Minister July 9, 2023
“Guaranteed Victory”
Scripture- Deuteronomy 20:1-4
When teams lose, they realize that their strategy must change, and they need to get competitive. An equal playing field is a good feeling and a great advantage.
The Bible is clear- God is with you and will go with you! In this passage of scripture, Moses is encouraging the Israelites to not focus on the enemy, but to focus on God and trust He will bring them to victory.
I know your problem looks big--- but God is BIGGER!! When God has your back, nothing is impossible for you. You are a winner and victory is guaranteed!!
Be blessed.
Minister Edward G. Robinson, III, FBC Assoc. Min. -- July 2, 2023
Happy 7th Anniversary Pastor Jackson!!!
"Its Not Your Turn, but It's Your Time"
Scripture- Luke 18:35-43
Most of us like movies where the underdog is losing in the beginning, but in the end- that same underdog is victorious!
Sometimes we get to a point where we are no longer a victim. Somebody may have counted us out, but now we are counted back in. God can turn anything around. His Word can immediately change our situation. He has the last word! Not in our time, but His!
The scripture text shows us how the crowd tried to tell the beggar to be quiet. But he yelled all the more louder. Don't let others try to silence you. Shout out to God and trust He will turn things around! How will you know?
  1. God will show up in your circumstances.
  2. He will supply your needs.
  3. He will see you through.
Go ahead and holler!!! Thank you Lord that despite all we've been through, we are still here!!
Be blessed!!
Guest Preacher  June 25. 2023
Rev. Conway C. Johnson, Jr.; Sharon Baptist Church, New Brunswick, NJ
"I Still Have Hope"
1 Peter 3:14-16
The Bible tells us to always be ready to give an answer why we have so much hope. When you read the Word- it is plain about the need for hope and what hope does for us.
Do not let situations steal your hope. You can move obstacles because of your hope. The definition of this word is "an expectation that one will have a positive experience".
We need to see the glass as 1/2 full. The best hope is in having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our hope is enduring and because God is faithful, we can be confident. How can we falter in our hope when we serve a risen Savior!!!
"My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness".....
Minister Edward G. Robinson, III -- June 11, 2023
"Talk is Cheap"
Scripture- 1 John 2:1-6
As believers in Christ, we can shout Halleluiah because He knows our name.
Many talk about their faith but do not demonstrate it in their actions. Many people talk loud but are saying nothing. Many folks talk a good game- but talk is cheap!
We all need to do a self-analysis- walk the walk and talk the talk.
It's time to stop playing church and be the church. Read your Bible- the Word tells us how to live. We are accountable for not only what we do, but also what we say. Our model to follow is Jesus!
Actions truly speak louder than words. God created us for a purpose- to serve Him and show Christ to the world.
Beloved- it's time to take things seriously!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor -- June 4, 2023
"We Are Family"
Scripture- Hebrews 10:22-25
The popular song - “We are Family” by the group Sister Sledge was a dance hit song in 1979. Y’all know the hook- “We are family--Get up ev'rybody and sing”….
In the family of God- which are called Christians- though there is much diversity- we all share common traits— we share one Spirit and God is our Father. Given so much trouble in the world today——the burdens of life can be heavy and more than ever we need to plant ourselves in the house of the Lord to draw strength and encouragement from one another.
It's good to worship on your own. It's important to pray by yourself. But something happens corporately that doesn't happen individually.
Prayer for Today: Father, thank You that the church is Your idea and for making it a place where I can unite my faith with others and draw strength from others.
Thank you for creating us to live in community with one another. Thank You that when we gather to worship, I am refreshed, restored, and reenergized for the week ahead. Help me to be connected with other believers. In Jesus' Name,
Minister Adrianne Robinson, FBC Assoc. Min. -- May 28, 2023
FBC 2023 Women’s Day Service
“Provoked into Position- for a purpose”
Scripture- 1 Samuel 1: 1-18
People seek after things, positions, and titles. But we need to seek God’s purpose for our lives. God is the answer to the question- “Why I am here?”
We serve a God who is strategic and orchestrates all things. Don’t panic through the process! Reflect on Jeremiah 29:11. Trust God in the midst- He has a purpose. He will allow situations to come into our lives to provoke us to pray, worship Him, trust Him and seek Hm. Our trials come to serve a purpose.
Do not be satisfied with where you are now. There is better waiting for you! We may not understand, but God will take the weapons of our haters and turn them into a tool for refinement- a purpose for our lives! Be blessed…..
Guest Preacher, Pastor Kim Murphy -- May 21, 2023
“It’s Time to Make a Decision”
Scripture- Exodus 32:25-26
Decision making can be a daunting task. It can be very overwhelming. God wants to guide us to make the right choices and if He didn’t care- it wouldn’t matter what we decided to do.
Godly decisions mean we need to rely on God- read His Word and trust in His promises.
In Exodus, there is a call of loyalty to God and rejecting worldly pleasures. We can’t point the finger at the Israelites. We also need to look at ourselves! Be careful of other avenues and roads that seem appealing. Be careful of following the crowd. You must keep your eyes focused on Jesus!
To make good decisions- keep these in mind-
- Get the right information
- Think of the consequences
- Remember all God has done for you
It’s time to make the decision- Jesus or the world.
Keeping you all in our prayers!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor -- May 7, 2023
March is Women’s History Month
“Empowering Women”
Scripture- Philippians 1:6
Women have had transformative roles for centuries. Women have trusted God with more conviction due to the adversities faced. The Greek definition of the word empowered means-“filled with power”.
The most High God has given women authority and many abilities. Women must know their identity in Christ and apply God’s Word in everything they do. You should not look at what “isn’t” but look at what “is”- thru God.
Women- it’s time to claim all God has for you. God is trying to show you what He needs you to get done. He has given you His Spirit. Be determined--- be ready and always be standing for what is right because God is empowering you!!
Be blessed!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   3/19/2023
Prayer is defined as: “to make a devout supplication; a solemn request or thanksgiving to GOD”.
Here we are, the 3rd month of the year and it’s a year already filled with sorrow, anxiety, tragedy…..drama!….both in our personal lives and in the world.
How can we be assured that GOD hears our prayers? Because in my Bible- 2 Chronicles 7, verse 14 gives us the answer. God gives us a formula for turning back to Him and this is an ancient promise God makes to us in times of calamity.
Our land is hurting…. People are hurting…..Prayer helps us to connect with the invisible God who is Lord over both the seen and unseen. Pray—- for yourself, you family- your current issue—-pray because someone needs you to intercede for them. Pray as if your life and the world depends on it--because it does! AMEN!
Minister Adrianne Robinson, Assoc. Min. 3/12/2023
“My Hero”
Scripture- Colossians 1:16-20
Christians believe Jesus died to save the world and 3 days after, He rose and is seated at the right hand of the Father- Amen? The Bible is rich with promises that God is with us and for us.
We all have heroes- and these heroes are temporary. But there is a hero who supplies eternal life, and His name is Jesus. The biblical definition of a hero is- “someone who helps others in need and offers strength, support and provides in areas of weakness”.
We can’t look at the “created” things to save us. Only Jesus can do that because everything was created through Him!
Superman has kryptonite- but nothing can stop the power of Jesus. My hero--- your hero—our Savior!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor,  3-5-2023
Black History Month Sunday
“Just Keep Moving”
Scripture- Exodus 14;10-12
The title of this sermon brings to mind what we all need to do all the time.
We remember and reflect on the attacks against Black Americans and we honor our Civil Rights leaders who paved the way and kept on moving so we can keep on moving.
In the infamous words of Matin Luther King, Jr- “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
This can relate to our scripture text for today. In order to be successful- we have to maintain a certain mentality and not give up. No matter what the situation looks like, we must press ahead. When God delivered the Israelites He promised a way out and all they needed to do was focus on Him. There was a roadblock- the Red Sea- and the chariots were on their backs! They stopped moving and started panicking!
We have to know God will see you through what you’re going through!
We won’t get to our destination unless we focus on Jesus. People of God- stop crying, stop whining and stop complaining! Trust in God and just keep moving!
Be blessed!
Minister Fannie Ross, Assoc Min, 2-26-2023
World Marriage Day
Scripture- Matthew 19:1-6 
Marriage is the first institution created by God and it is the bedrock of society.
Marriages are under attack. Foundations of families are under assault. 50% of marriages will end in divorce. But- through Jesus- there is hope!
The Bible tells us that God said “man should not b alone” and He designed marriage. Husbands and wives were compliment each other and not be competitive with each other.
Marriage is more about commitment than compatibility. Commitment to better or worse--- richer or poorer---sickness and health. Marriages are to be 3-fold (chords)- God, husband and wife.
There will be conflicts in marriage, but if the husband and wife focus on God and seek His guidance- the journey will be smoother and blessed!
Guest Preacher -- Pastor Kedrick Brown 2/12/2023
Walking Thru the Fire” 
Scripture- 1 Peter 4:12-13, 16
God never promised a life free from pain, drama, hardship or anxiety. He promised He would never leave us nor forsake us.
Some of us may read this passage of scripture and become fearful. But God---He encourages us that if we hold on and walk by faith and not by what we see- the riches of heaven will fall upon us.
As Christians, we will go through some “stuff”. But there is hope in the midst of the “stuff”. When we walk through the fire, Jesus is with us! Your situation may be enormous and not like someone else’s, but God is bigger than any enormous situation!
We need to hold onto to somebody fireproof to take us thru and that Somebody is Jesus. Amen?!
He will walk with you thru the fire and you will come out better on the other side!!
Be blessed!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  2/5/2023
“Who Am I”
Scripture reference- Matthew 16:13-15
In the movie- “Bourne Identity”, the main character is trying to figure out who he is.
In the scripture text, the Pharisees and Sadducees questioned who Jesus was- they wanted a “sign”.
Your situation may say one thing, but Jesus says something else! Who do you say Jesus is? Who is Jesus in your life? He’s a mind-regulator, heart-fixer, peace giver. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!
You have to know Jesus for yourself--- have a personal relationship with Him. We can’t run from Him because He knows exactly where we are.
Do you know Jesus??
Minister Edward Robinson, Associate Minister  1-27-2023
“Hallelujah in the Storm”
Scripture- Mark 4:35-41
Storms are seasonal- Hurricane season is June to November; Tornado season is March to August; and Floods— well anytime of the year.
The best way to survive a storm is to be properly prepared. The act of preparation can be a very tedious project. The definition is- “the act of being prepared” and this in turns means- “to get ready”. You know- “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. So what about those spiritual storms?? Can you put a date and time on your worst storm????
You have to recognize- before any big blessing or move of God- there’s going to be a storm- bad weather will be in your forecast. Remember who your ANCHOR is—— JESUS! We need discernment and we need a safe passage. We can only get these things by leaning on and trusting Jesus!
Our naked eye can only see so far when we are in a spiritual storm- but we can trust the One who sees all and He also sees where we are. And Jesus may not calm the seas- but He will give us His peace thru the waves.
Look- re-read verse 36- “so they took Jesus in the boat and started out….” Family-- they took Jesus with them. Jesus is with us—- everywhere we go!!!
So whether it’s your Hurricane——whether it’s a tornado—-whether a flood—— or a blizzard- --cause it’s coming…..Whether you are about to enter a storm- you already in one or baby- you coming out of a storm- say—Hallelujah!!!!!!
Be blessed!
Minister Adrianne Robinson  1/22/2023
“I Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”
Scripture- Judges 6:1-2
Some of us remember the old Temptations song- “I Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”…..
The definition of the word beg is- “ask earnestly in an anxious way”.
In these verses of scripture, Israel was without a leader and they were disobedient and disrespectful to God. They compromised their spiritual purpose. Israel- God’s chosen people- turned from Him many times and thought they were self-sufficient. And many times- God would send a leader (judge) to help them.
We all have done something wrong where we may need to ask for forgiveness, 2nd chances or a do-over. Sometimes, Goad may have to step in to get our attention and there may be consequences to pay.
Before getting into those situations, we should and need to stand on God’s Word, follow and trust Him. Listen to His voice and look to Jesus.
When we find ourselves drifting away- not listening to God- we should not be too proud to beg for forgiveness, 2nd chances or a do-over.
He will hear us and help us!!
Minister Fannie Ross, Associate Minister 1/8/2023
“It Doesn’t Matter”
Scripture- 1 Corinthians 4:1-5
Know this on the 1st day of the new year- life is meaningless without Christ!!
Paul says in the scripture text we are here to serve God and Him alone and nothing else matters aslong as we put God first!
Don’t be discouraged- but be encouraged in the Lord. And don’t be concerned with what others think or say! Do not forget that “greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world…”
It doesn’t matter what your situation is……people’s opinion, or what it looks like…..Because we are more than conquerors!!
Beloved- it doesn’t matter because God will supply all your needs.
We thank God for a new year and we pray peace, joy and blessings in all of your lives today!!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   1/1/2023
“What Christmas is All About”
Scripture- Luke 2:8-14
Preacher- Minister Adrianne Robinson

View our Christmas Day Service, visit our Facebook Page.

“Pressing Through the Pain”
Scripture- Job 13:15-16
When we read the book of Job, we see a man who was going through great tribulations.
Life can be and is at times- painful- both physical and emotional. But God wants us to use our pain to help others and He will give us the strength to endure.
And while we are going through our own challenges- God expects us to praise Him- despite the pain and what we are going thru. Think on this- pain can be a gift that motivates us to our healing because it will force us put our focus on God and get us to the other side.
In our weakest moments- God is our strength! We can count it all joy! Regardless of the pain, God will remain faithful, and we can press through it and keep holding on to His hands!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 12/18/2022
“Let Not”
Scripture- John 14:1-2 (especially verse 1)
Everybody got issues! Amen? Trouble comes to everyone and is everywhere. And it doesn’t matter how close of a relationship you think you have with God- you will wrestle with trouble.
Read John 14 verse 1. Jesus is talking about our soul and the state of our heart’s emotions.
Sometimes trouble comes into your life to put you where you belong. In some cases, we may hold onto things that no longer have value- and that brings trouble. But all troubles have an expiration date! The song says- “trouble don’t last always!”
Be encouraged- Jesus will not leave you alone in your trouble. Let not fear overtake you! Let not trouble disturb you! There is a way to handle this stress and that is to let your faith override your fears!!!
Beloved- Let not and know God is able and he will take you through!!
Guest Preacher -- Apostle David D. Weeks, Alive Church,Pennsauken NJ -- 12-11-2022
There is Power in the Blood”
Scripture- Hebrews 9:11-14
God sent Jesus at the right time and at the right place. This is the season where we celebrate Christ - not just Christmas. Christ is the center of this season. IT’s not about how many gifts we get- but it is about the ultimate gift in which God gave us in Christ Jesus.
Our blood is contaminated with sin. Without the power of the blood we would have no peace, no healing and no forgiveness. We should not fall away from Jesus- we need to hold onto His hand.
The blood is our lifeline, our hope and our healer! Thank God for the Lamb!! There is power in the blood!!
Be blessed!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., pastor  12-4-2022
"I Woke Up Like This"
Scripture- Psalms 139:13-14
Remember the Muppet song-"It's not easy being green?" The song talked about being ordinary, pushed around and under-valued. Have you ever been told that you're 2nd class? Unworthy? Unattractive?
Beloved- read these verses of scripture. Thank God for being made in His image. We are more than conquerors! Don't run from who you are. God created you and all that He makes is perfect!
Look in the mirror and say - I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!!!
Be blessed!!!
Minister Edward G. Robinson, III  11/13/2022
“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”
Scripture- Romans 7:14-25
This 1986 novel showed that the human personality reflects both good and evil.
In the scripture text, Paul expresses the desire to do what is right, but the sinful nature fights against it. Struggling with the flesh is a constant battle for a Christian. We need to remember that the motive matters more than the action.
There is a battle going on inside of us and we all have a Mr. Hyde!
4 points to remember-
1. We are all born with a sinful nature
2. Sin grows in the dark
3. Left unchecked, sin will devour us
4. We cannot rescue ourselves- we need a Savior
We don’t need to fight this on our own. We can lean on God. We trust Him and His promises!! Jesus has our back and will help us with keeping our Mr. Hyde in check!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   11/6/2022
Scripture- Romans 8:31, 38-39
“The Good Men Project” – this is an organization founded by Tom Matlock in 2009. It started out as a conversation about what it means to be a good man in this century. They used this character of Eddie Haskell from the sitcom- "Leave it to Beaver"- to bring awareness to bullying.
They proposed it as a syndrome—- and they called it—- the “Eddie Haskell Effect”- this pertains to workplace bullies who kiss up to the people in charge- while at the same time bullying subordinates and peers behind the manager’s back.
Faith— this is our weapon against those bullies- those unseen forces that try to grab us up and get us scared!! We need absolute conviction—we need to believe with all seriousness
that God will do what He said He would do!!! Understand this——Manifest this in your spirit right now—- NOTHING—NOTHING AND NO ONE IS BIGGER THAN GOD!!
Always remember - God is with you wherever you go- no matter how alone you think you feel and no matter what you’re facing!! If the Creator and Sustainer of everything that exists has put Himself on our side, who can be against us? Who can even touch us? Who would even think about picking a fight that they ultimately could not win?
Minister Adrianne Robinson, Assoc. Min. 10/30/2022
"You Should have Never Told Me about Jesus"
Scripture- Luke 18:35-43
When we were growing up- there were conversations in our households- one for adults and one for children. As children, we were not allowed to hear all that was said. As we get older- some conversations only can be shared at certain times.
In our scripture text- the man who received his sight also received the knowledge of the One who could save. He heard Jesus was coming and he knew his opportunity of healing was at hand. When you know about Jesus, you will learn these things-
  1. Jesus listens
  2. Jesus will stop and take time for you
  3. Jesus makes all things whole
Because of Jesus- know you are special, you have purpose and you deserve healing. Jesus makes the difference in our lives.
Rev. Dr. Semaj Y. Vanzant, Sr., guest preacher  10/23/2022
"Exit Strategy"
Scripture- Exodus 3:9-10
Preacher- Minister Edward Robinson
The Bible tells us about a new Pharaoh who felt threatened by the Israelites- who were numerous in number. These Israelites were crying out to God. Then.... here comes God! He heard their cry. He heard their moans. He chose Moses to help them to exit Egypt.
God is choosing you. Are you tired of where you are? Are you looking for new territory? Are you ready for a new blessing? Well- work with God. Trust Him to move you towards your exit into a new thing! He has an exit strategy for you.
Minister Edward Robinson, Associate Minister 10-9-22
“Timing is Everything”
Every great accomplishment relies on timing. Timing is essential. God has created 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year and 4 seasons.
When it’s our time for our blessing- God will give us whatever we’ve been praying for and waiting for at just the time we need it! He may not come when you want Him, but He is ALWAYS on time!
In the scripture text- Christ’s 2nd coming is a matter of timing and God wants us to be ready. He is giving us time to get it together. God is giving us a wake up call!
Use this time to get ready.
God is eternal- and that translates to He is timeless. He is not governed by time (Read Psalm 90:4)
God is never late. God’s timing has no deadlines, is honest, done with clear judgment, not influenced, has no strings attached and is done despite who we are.
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Pastor 10-2-2022
“Thank You For Being a Friend”
Scripture- Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
BFF- stands for “best friends forever”…..a person’s best friend. This phrase describes a very close friendship.
Researchers document that even though we have all these avenues for “connection”- Facebook, Instagram- people are more distant——-people are more isolated.
Beloved- we are wired for friendship. We need connection. Friendships can bless our lives. Life is designed for friendship. We are not here on this earth to serve ourselves…..we are here to serve God and others. And we don’t need 2,785 “friends” to attain that blessing.
Friends will disappoint you. Friends will desert you!!! Don’t worry about those so-called friends who are not in your life anymore. God will send a friend to you. And if not… Jesus is ALL you need. “When I think about Jesus and ALL He’s done for me—— my soul cries out Hallelujah!!! Thank you Lord for saving me!”
Thank you Jesus for being my friend!!
Minister Adrianne Robinson, Associate Minister 9-25-2022
"No Matter What Happens"
Scripture- Romans 8:28
In our quiet time we can reflect over our lives and recall how God saw us through. Know this- just because you may be going through something, doesn't always have to do with sin- there is a purpose. All of us are going thru it! And it feels like the enemy is winning. Your circumstance is not too big for God. Let your faith be strengthened! God is not finished - just need to hold on!
God can transform the impossible to the possible. Allow Him to move thru your current challenges. Turn it over to Jesus and He will work it out! This scripture serves to remind us that all things- situations, struggle- will work out for our good because we love and trust God.
No matter what happens- You can make it! No matter what happens- God will make a way! No matter what happens!!!!!
Be blessed!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Pastor 9-4-2022
Ordination Service of Deacon Kathy D. Henriques
June 12, 2022
"God Chose You"
Scripture- Jeremiah 29:11
God reminds Jeremiah he has a divine formation...a distinctive calling....a divinely chosen vocation. God has a plan for our lives and He sets us apart for a special purpose.
Never fell "less than"....never doubt and never be insecure. Stand fast in God's promises. No matter what has gone on in your life- know God tracks your steps, but not your sins.
God's plans are His promises to us. His plans are good... His plans are faithful.... His plans are sure!
Beloved- God chose you!
Guest Preacher - Rev. Dr. Edward D Harper, Macedonia Baptist Church, Lakewood, NJ
"Emotional Hijacking"
Scripture- Luke 22:54-60
The brain in times of crisis will get a boost of adrenaline. This can mess with our emotions. Emotional hijacking is when an emotional response overrides a rationale one.
Peter was Jesus's "ride or die" and in these passages of scripture, we see he denies Jesus 3 times.
How may times have we denied Jesus? How many times have we allowed our emotions to get hijacked?
The Bible is the antidote to this hijacking.
Our hope is in the Lord!
Our trust is in the Lord!
Our all is in the Lord!
Don't let your emotions get hijacked..... Beloved- look to Jesus. He will restore you and meet you right where you are!
Be blessed!
Minister Edward Robinson  6-5-2022
Youth Service Sunday
“Planting the Seed”
Scripture- Proverbs 22:6
Throughout our lives- God is planting seeds of faith and we are called to also plant seeds of faith in our youth and the Bible is the sunlight which nourishes that seed.
Unfortunately- in recent events- we have lost innocent children to violence. Maybe if the right seeds were planted, so many children- over the years- may not have died? Only God knows……..
As parents, we must habitually speak to our children and teach them about Christ. As parents, we must provide an environment which will foster a child in a positive way. A loving parent models God’s love, point their children to the Savior, demonstrate godly morals and provide godly correction.
The youth today need support, needs guidance and need structure. We are to identify their potential and help them develop into great leaders.
Beloved- plant those seeds and “Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it”.
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 5-29-2022

"SAY YES"!!!
SCRIPTURE- Matthew 5:37

Y-E-S- a three letter word… very simple. Not “yeah”-which actually is very informal and doesn’t carry the weight of being very firm. YES- firm—YES- sure…..


Over our lifetime- we have been and continue to be put in situations or asked questions where we have to give a yes or no response. Depending on the situation or what we
feel will be the outcome- determines our answer in either the affirmative-which is a yes— or in the negative—which is a no.


Matthew 5 verse 37 Jesus says - “Just say a simple ‘yes I will’ or ‘no I won’t’”.  No need for fancy responses.


As Christians- we said Yes to God when He put forth the invitation to accept Jesus and the gift of salvation.  When we say yes- it allows the process of His power –transformative power- to be put into motion. Our yes shifts our focus off our circumstance and turn toward our Savior. It transforms us- and we should no stay the same.


Surrender and say yes to God. Unlock all He has for you with a simple yes!!


Minister Adrianne Robinson, Assoc. Minister  5/23/2022

FBC Women's Day Service!!!
"When a Woman is Prayed Up"

Scripture- 1Samuel 1:1-2


The Bible tells us of a woman in this chapter of scripture- Hannah- who cannot bear children. She took her burdens to the Lord and left them at His altar.  Hannah kept her faith and prayed to the Lord. She was a prayed up woman!

We may go through trials, challenges and rough circumstances- but keep praying!  Let God have His way. 

Don't give up- pray up
Don't quit- pray up
Don't despair- get prayed up!!
Be blessed!!!


Guest Preacher, Minister Fannie Ross 5/15/2022

Happy Mothers' Day

"The Power of a Woman's Faith"
Scripture- Matthew 15:21-28

The Bible shows us examples of women whose faith brought them through all kinds of circumstances. 

God fashioned mothers to be defenders of their children.  A woman of faith will lay prostrate before the Lord and intercede for her children.  Mothers know how to call on the name of the Jesus.  Her faith can uplift her family. 

Mothers have faith and hold on.  God is making a way!!!


Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  5/8/2022


Scripture- John 11:20-21, 32
The word "if" is a noun and a conjunction. Only a 2 letter word, but it can add a lot of meaning to a sentence.
Have we ever prayed about a situation and wonder what was taking God so long? Asking- why hasn't he showed up yet?  We all know the expression- "He may not come when you want Him, but___________________"(fill in the blank) Jesus knows His assignment.
We just have to do our part-
-if we trust Him
-if we have faith
-if we wait on the Lord
Beloved- know God hears you and the blessing is on the way.
IF you do your part- Jesus will do His!
Stay blessed.....
Minister Edward Robinson. FBC Assoc. Min.  5/1/2022 
"Hurry Up and Wait"
Scripture Jeremiah 29:11, John 15:5
Basically the phrase "hurry up and wait" means get yourself together.
If we say we are for God it must show in the way we live. We must be connected to the Vine (John 15:5) so we can produce good fruit. Beloved- God is the true connection for us to get ourselves together. Hurry up and wait on God!
Be blessed!
Guest Preacher -- Rev. Kerwin L. Herring, Sr., Calvary Baptist, Red Bank     4/24/2022
Happy Resurrection Sunday!!! Christ is risen!!
"The SON Did Rise"
Scripture- Luke 24:1-8
Song- "Because He Lives"
Life can be bitter or sweet. Sometimes we may feel like our life is a soap opera. But today---those who proclaim victory in Jesus can bask in the light of the S-O-N!
Jesus knew His death meant life for all of us and His resurrection is the eternal promise for all who believe in Him.
The SON did rise to take away take away take away take away give us strength, joy and peace.
"When I think about Jesus and all He's done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah! Thank God for saving me!"
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr. ThD -- Pastor  4-17-2022
Hosanna in the Highest!!! Palm Sunday
"Complexities of the Crowd"
Scripture- Matthew 21:1-15
As we enter the week before Resurrection Sunday- we see crowds- especially in the church- 
We need to be mindful of crowds as they are complex and full of opinions.
In the scripture text, Jesus shows us how to deal with a crowd. First off- Jesus only chose 2 disciples for an assignment. (think about that).....
Jesus shows us the following-
  • Always stay connected to the source- God
  • Don't allow the crowd's opinions deter you from your assignment
  • Remember that crowds are fickle- always changing their minds
  • Know who in the crowd is on your side
As we look ahead to Easter Sunday- keep in mind that God has placed you in a position of entry point for your journey and purpose and don't let the complexities of the crowd keep you from fulfilling your assignment.
Be blessed!!
Guest Preacher, Rev. Kerwin Webb, Second Baptist Church, Asbury Park   4/10/2022
"Are You on the Right Road"
Scripture- Job 23:8-9
Have you looked in all directions and feel like you're not getting answers? Do you feel like you can't find, see or hear God? Are you going through and feel all alone?
Whatever you may be going through- know that God knows. Thank Him!! He will never leave you nor forsake you. Keep looking- God is there. Beloved- He sees all and knows all.
If you keep your eyes on Jesus- you are on the right road
Minister Edward Robinson, FBC Assosciate Minister   4/3/2022
Sunday School Lesson
Topic- “Celebrate Passover of Completion”
Scripture- Ezra 6:13-22
Passover- is not only for Jewish people- but serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to all who follow Him and how He provides for His people.
God has delivered all of us from some sort of trial or challenge we came up against. Passover is a symbol of His favor and we must show God daily- not just in bad or trying times- how much we appreciate Him.
Reasons to celebrate-
- It grounds us to our personal roots
- Cobbects us to Jesus
- Helps us understand the need for sacrifice
God has given us memories of how He demonstrates HIs love for us so we can keep our faith in Him
Pastor James A. Jackson, Jr., Th.D.   3-20-2022
“Keep Pressing”
Scripture- Philippians 3:13-14
This passage of scripture shows us that the Christian life can be an uphill battle. But we must advance and move forward and keep our eyes looking ahead and not back. We may not be where we want to be, but thank God we are not where we used to be.
You may feel pressed or pressure in your life- know you are not alone! Focus on God and His purpose for your life.
Our goal as Christians is Heaven. The enemy’s goal to to get us off track. Keep pressing forward and God will strengthen you to overcome any obstacles. Forget about past hurts, lies, misunderstandings and failures. You can’t change the past. God is faithful to press you toward the goal which is in front of you.
Beloved- keep pressing!!
Pastor James A. Jackson, Jr., Th.D.   3-6-2022
"What's Going On"?
Scripture- Luke 18:35-43
The topic for today is also the name of a classic song by Marvin Gaye. The song was about the injustices going on in that time and unfortunately, continue today.
In the book of Luke, we read about a beggar at the side of the road. Today, we see people with disabilities and infirmities and they are being ignored. Folks telling others to "shut up" and "be quiet".
But we know that in order to be whole, we must cry out to Jesus. What's going on today? Why are people trying to shut you down? Why are people telling you to be quiet?! Don't let anyone hinder your praise. Don't let the crowd or any situation have you doubt whose you are!
What's going on? Know that Jesus is the Truth, the Way and the Life!!
Guest Preacher -- Minister Fannie Ross 2-27-2022
Giving Honor Where Honor is Due
Scripture -- 1 Timothy 5:17-18
We’re taught at a young age to respect our elders. In these verses of scripture, Paul is giving Timothy instructions on how to lead a church. The word “elder” here references to church leaders. Honor is the recognition of someone’s work or deeds.
Many are called- but few are chosen. It’s time for us to double our time, talent, treasure, efforts, focus, love, worship and commitment to Christ and His kingdom building.
Today we show appreciation for our Pastor and celebrate his great accomplishment!
Guest spesaker -- Deacon Bellamy Shivers, Diaconate Chairman 2-20-20
"Identity Theft"
Scripture- Genesis 27:11-16
As Christians, we need to protect our identity Christ. The definition of identity theft is "illegal use of someone else's personal information in order to obtain money or credit". We cannot give the world permission to dissuade us from influencing others for the Lord.
Don't let the world- others- say you are something that you are not. Know who you are and whose you are! We are to have our lights shine for Christ. Do not allow the world to steal your identity or stop what God has for you!
Minister Edward Robinson, Assoc. Minister  2/13/2022
"The Thrill of Victory/ The Agony of Defeat"
Scripture- 2 Chronicles 20:5-12
The thrill of victory is an exhilarating emotion, but it's the agony of defeat that can drive one to higher achievements.
In today's scripture- we see a King who has enjoyed peace and prosperity and then trouble came. We will go along in this life and all is well- then all of a sudden----we hit a brick wall or the wall hits us! When trouble comes or situations go left, lift up your hands and praise God and thank Him for the coming victory!
In times of so-called "defeat"- remember God has not forgotten you and He knows exactly where you are. Do not be dismayed or afraid. You will not need to fight. Know God is right there with you.
In this life there are winners and losers. The biggest loser is the one who does not know Christ and His promise of salvation. Beloved- you have the victory because of who you belong to! Praise God!! AMEN!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr. , Th.D., Pastor   2/6/2022 
Scripture- Hebrews 12:1-2
This is a new year- 2022… everyone making vision boards- folks developing goals and making resolutions- read more, spend time with family, buy a house, get a new career, start school, stop smoking. One of those goals might be to lose weight.
This life is a spiritual marathon. We must strip off the weights- be it a character trait or a self-assumed responsibility, a relationship or a desire, pride or anger so we can run our race. We have to let go of those things which hinder and hold us back or we will not make it to the finish line.
Walk with Jesus…. Talk with Him…. He tells us in His Word- “cast all your cares and worries to God for He cares about you…” Look to Jesus- the author and finisher of our faith!!
Beloved- shed the weight!!!
Minister Adrianne Robinson, Assoc Minister, 1-23-2022
"Praise Is What I Do"
Scripture- Psalm 150 
When we praise God, it is our weapon against the enemy and lets the enemy know you refuse to be defeated! It demonstrates your trust in Jesus.
We must wholeheartedly give God all our praise. The scripture says "let EVERYTHING that has breath praise the Lord". As long as we are breathing, we are to offer up praises to the Most High God! In praising God , we proclaim His worth and acknowledging that He deserves all the glory. We must praise Him the good and bad times- in every type of circumstance.
Whether we bow down, kneel, extend our arms, raise our hands, use an instrument or sing--- it is all done for our Lord!
The Bible is full of examples of how praising God can change circumstances.
Praise is what I do!!! Praise is what you do!! PRAISE HIM!!! PRAISE HIM!! PRAISE HIM!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Th.D.  Pastor 1-9-2022
"Preparation for Elevation"
Scripture- 1Samuel 16:6-13
When God is ready to elevate you- He will open doors no one else can shut! Stay in prayer because the enemy of your soul doesn't want to see you prosper.
The previous year had its share of troubles. But- God's vision for your life will prevail and come to fruition. Any challenges or obstacles- God will use as stepping stones for your elevation. Your steps are ordered by the Lord.
How many of us are prepared and ready to be elevated? God is going to do something new in 2022. Hope is on the way if we trust Him wholly and completely. Be strengthened in His word- Jeremiah 29:11! God has abundance promises for your life!!
Happy and blessed New Year!!
Rev. Dr. James A. Jackson, Jr., Th.D.  Pastor   1-2-2022
"Let Go and Let God"
Scripture- Ephesians 4:31-32
When things get crazy and start bubbling over- we must allow God to have control so He can change the story and smooth things out. Before we begin a new year- we need to put old things behind us. We must turn it over to Jesus and let Him do what He does!
Submitting to God- without any doubt- allows us to take the next step in our journey with Him. Let go of negative thoughts, submit to Him and give Him that control. He is our ever-present help.
How do we let go-
  1. Lay it all aside- anything which hinders you
  2. Be renewed- in your mind- read your bible
  3. Put on the "new self" and leave your old ways behind
Open your hand- let go- give it to God. Walk into 2022 with a renewed purpose and allow God to direct your life!!   Be blessed!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. Pastor -- 12-16-2021
"The Fire is Necessary"
Scripture- Daniel 3:19-20
When the 3 Hebrew boys were thrown into the fire- the King did not see 3 people in the hot, fiery furnace- but he saw 4. The Word says-"And the fourth looks like a god!” He was the Son of God! This story is an example that God will go through the fire with you.
Also- fire is necessary for growth, development, pruning and refining. Remember- a diamond could not be a diamond unless the process of fire is added.
Beloved- the fire is necessary!
Minister Edward Robinson  12-5-2021
You Really Got a Hold on Me”
Psalms 63- especially verse 8
As Christians- we are aware that there is a battle for our souls. The scriptures tell us that we need not fear for God has a hold on us.
Trouble surrounds us on all sides, but there is a greater power tha can carry us over these problems. There are times you will feell like giving up, but trust and believe there is a power from on high to keep you encouraged.
If you want God to have a hold on you-
-walk closely with Him
-praise Him often
-proclaim Jesus as your Savior
-keep your faith
Always remember God has you in the palm of His hand. He will take you through the valleys and over the mountain tops. Nothing will overtake you! God is greater than any adversity you will face!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  11-28-2021
“Thanks for the Giving”
Scripture- 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
We are in the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. As this holiday approaches, some may feel “what do I have to be thankful for” due to losses, sickness and circumstances beyond our control. But for Christians, whose faith is in Jesus and who rely on the Holy Spirit- we can be pushed into a space of gratitude despite what we are going through.
We are thankful for Jesus and all He has done for us. And we are to be thankful- not just one day out of the year- but everyday!
There are may verses of scripture in the Bible which instruct us to be thankful— “in all things”- good/bad, big/ small. We are to ”rejoice always” and “pray without ceasing”!
Focus on what you have rather than on what you think you are lacking. Thank God!! Praise Him!! Thank Him for his giving!!
BE blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   11-21-2021
“A Ball of Confusion”
Scripture- 2 Timothy 3:1-7
This world is in a serious state of confusion and folks have disregarded the Word of God. People think it’s ok to live any type of way. As Christians, we have to remain as ambassadors for the Kingdom of God and not compromise our values and beliefs just to fit in. People are watching…..
These verses of scripture parallel to the times we are living in now and some may phrase as “the last days”. Know this- God is not the author of confusion.
If you’re tired of living in a ball of confusion- cry out to the Lord, pray, read your Bible, put your trust in the Lord and submit to His will. He will make your paths clear- He will deliver you and align your life to His word.
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor -- 11/7/2021
"Don't Let Failure Keep You Down"  
Scripture- Matthew 26:33-35, 74-75
There are so many levels in this struggle as men. Men are constantly fighting against stereotypes and presumptions in this society. But today, men need to stand up and declare that God is still able!!! We will not let failure keep us from what God has for us. How?-
  • Forget it- once you admit the failure, then let it go. Don't hold on to it
  • Know you're not alone in your struggles.
  • Use failure as fuel to get you to the next level.
You will make mistakes. You will make bad choices, but know thru it all- God makes a way!   Don't let failure keep you down!!
Be blessed!!!
Guest Preacher -- Rev. JerQuentin Sutton, Sr. Pastor - Lebanon Baptist Church, Westwood, NJ -- October 31, 2021
"Commencement-New Beginnings"
Scripture- Genesis 1:1-5/ Revelation 21:1-4
Usually- this would be a sermon preached in May or June… but this pandemic has changed our so- called normals and those who know me or you will get to know me— I never like to stick to tradition. And someone told me- there is no set time to preach any sermon—-any message!! Whatever God gave the preacher to preach—-she gonna preach!!!
In 2020, the pandemic robbed graduating students their earned right to walk across a stage while hearing their name called. So this year- some schools had combined graduating classes of 2020 and 2021. Look- a person can graduate at anytime during the year.
In 2012, then President Obama- —still my president*** gave the commencement speech to the graduating class of Barnard College in NYC. Addressing approximately 600 members of the Class of 2012, President Obama said, “We know we are better off when women are treated fairly and equally in every aspect of American life—whether it’s the salary you earn or the health decisions you make. After decades of slow, steady, extraordinary progress, you are now poised to make this the century where women shape not only their own destiny but the destiny of this nation and this world. Now more than ever, America needs what you have to offer. America needs you to reach high and hope deeply.”
I would like to propose and entertain the idea- that in our spiritual lives, we have “mini-commencement” ceremonies.
As we move through the divinely designed seasons in our lives--- stages of transition- if you will. we are graduating and are commencing towards our upward walk with Jesus. Just as we look at our scholastic graduates to help shape our future world, we also are to help others in their journey when we graduate from our trials and tests.
We will have set-backs, we will have disappointments, we will make mistakes. Be determined….stay the course. Faith is about producing the perseverance in us that fuels us towards our goals and living better for Christ.
We all want to hear our name called and the accolade given us- “Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!”….
Minister Adrianne Robinson, Assoc Min. 10-24-2021
"Use it or Lose it!"    Scripture- Matthew 25:19-28
God gives us gifts and we are to use those gifts for His glory. He gives us opportunities to work in His kingdom, but sadly- many of us have excuses! When it comes to doing the work for the Lord- many of us hesitate and give one reason or another for why we can't.
This scripture is not about comparing. It's about our individual work for God and knowing His heart. There is equality in this parable because the first 2 servants had a 100% increase. There is accuracy in this parable based on what happened to the 3rd servant- his selfishness resulted in the consequences he received.
The gifts we have is not for ourselves or self-gratification. It is to give glory to God and point others to Him. When you invest in God's kingdom, He will multiply your investment- your faith, time, talent and treasure.
Take away all your excuses and watch God work in your life--- you must trust and believe.
If you don't use it-- you will lose it!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   10/10/2021
"Put Your Mask on First"  Scripture-3 John 1:2-4
Have you ever flown on a plane? If you have, then you know about the safety briefing just before takeoff---"in case loss of cabin pressure-a mask will drop down and you must put your mask on 1st".
Since March, 2020- we are still trying to get our bearings and re-imagine. Our lifestyle is different now. Some things are not coming back. We have to set new boundaries--- put on a mask and make sure it is on properly.
But- I'm not speaking about the physical mask you put on your face, but your emotional mask- your mental wellbeing. You must love yourself.....stop neglecting yourself and be your own cheerleader. Don't operate on an empty tank.
Remember Jesus came so we can have life and have it in abundance. Jerimiah 29:11-- read this verse of scripture- the Lord wants you to prosper. Don't be that "still" person- still complaining....still making excuses. The Bible says you are of a royal priesthood and the apple of His eye.
Some tips to assure you are putting on your mask first-
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Take care of yourself
  • Stop letting people steal your oxygen....
If you are struggling- mentally, physically or spiritually- contact our church- First Baptist Church, Belmar, NJ- 732-681-2315 or send us a private message on Facebook--
Be blessed!
Minister Edward G. Robinson, Assoc. Min., 10/3/2021
“The Answer is Prayer    Scripture- James 5:16
Prayer is an effective and powerful weapon. Prayer can change things in the blink of an eye.
As people of God, remember to put your trust in God- pray- and there is nothing you cannot do. In the midst of our struggles- we go thru something everyday- we must realize prayer needs to be incorporated in our daily walk.
Prayer can calm—-prayer can strengthen—-prayer can provide answers! It’s our communication with God. Whether it’s your marriage, job or health- give it to God in prayer and believe- have faith— knowing God hears you.
You have questions?? Well your answer is prayer!
Be blessed!!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  9/26/2021
SCRIPTURE- Psalm 46:1-11
Ever since that fateful 9/11 day, America has never and will never be the same.
Now we fast forward to the year 2020- a world-wide pandemic— COVID-19. A mysterious- not visible to the naked eye- virus has claimed- in the US alone-approx 650,000 lives…. And counting. Some have called it a bio-terrorism.
People ask and people question when horrific events occur— you see we are a people that need answers to everything— “Where is God?”. “Where was God?”. Where was He when the hijackers were making their plans? Where was He when the planes hit their intended targets? Where is God while folks are tripping about wearing a mask or getting vaccinated? Where is He when people are lying in ICU beds and dying? Where is He!!??
All I can confidently say is that no matter what——-no matter what—- God is in control. He is sovereign. He is our Rock. He is our Redeemer. There is nothing He does not know. I read in a devotional – “Sometimes He is our shield protecting us from trouble—calming the storm…..other times He’ll carry us thru the storm— calming us”.
The first couple of verses of Psalm 46 says – “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear….” The same faith you have that God is our salvation—- is the same faith to believe that God is sovereign, omnipotent, good and eager to be our refuge.
When we are overwhelmed, when we are unsure, when we are feeling panicked and anxious—-God’s Word tells us to pause-be still and shift our focus.
We will never forget 9/11…. That ordinary Tuesday morning. We will never forget where we were on that day and what we were doing. The victims of 9/11 and this pandemic- we will not forget. And while we don’t forget these individuals, don’t forget about God.
Never forget….. and know you are not forgotten……
Minister Adrianne Robinson, FBC Associate Minister 9/12/2021
“Knocked Down but Not Abandoned”  
Scripture- 2 Corinthians 4:8-12
Re-read verses 8 and 9.
Trials of life can knock you down if you’re not careful. But it’s how we get back up that counts. In your trial, don’t let anger and bitterness set in and don’t stay down.
Although you have troubles before you, God illuminates His promises in front of you.
Don’t think when you go thru trials that you did anything wrong. The enemy- the devil- tries to get at you because you belong to God. God prepares us in our trials- prunes our faith and develops our character. Continue living a godly life and Jesus will be right there with you. Because Jesus won the victory for us on the cross, we shall not be defeated!
You may be at the end of your rope— but you are not at the end of your hope! Be strong and courageous- the Lord your God has already gone ahead of you and made your paths clear and straight.
No matter what is looks like—- no matter what you are going through—-no matter what’s surrounding you—-God will not abandon you- TRUST THAT!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 9/4/2021
"Its Time to Cross the Line"  Scripture- Judges 6:1-6
Crossing the line usually means you violated a boundary or acted inappropriately. There are many lines- good/bad, truth/lie, right/wrong, pure/perverse, participator/ spectator.
Which line are you on? Are you in the gray area?
Keep in mind, some lines- once crossed- you cannot go back. Crossing the line is making a choice and being fully committed.
God is looking for believers to be committed and make their election sure--- to be all in. With God, we have the victory and we can cross the line into the territory He has prepared for us.
Get out of your comfort zone. Be a participator. Cross the line into His Will. Cross the line to restore your relationships, families and communities.
Don't stay in the gray area. It's time to cross the line and not look back!
Guest preacher - Minister Tracy Kimbrough, United Fellowship BC, Asbury Park, NJ 8-29
"Count It ALL Joy!    Scripture- James 1:1-8, 12-17
Re-read verses 2 and 3....What is temptation? These are afflictions, trials, persecution, annoyances and harassers.
In this present time, all of us are being challenged- physically and mentally. And the list can go on and on. There are no more "good ole days".  But the Word of God tells us and is clear in how we are to respond in these challenging and tempting times-- count it all joy!!
Challenges, trials and annoyances are meant to build up our faith, patience and endurance. We are not only to go thru our situations, but to grow thru them as well.
Keep holding on to the promise of eternal life thru our Savior Jesus Christ. Count it all joy and keep praising God. Have a "no matter what" praise. He will never leave or forsake you!
Guest Preacher -- Min Carla McGhee, Assoc. Min. Mt. Carmel BC, Neptune 8/22/2021
Sunday School Lesson -- "A Persevering Faith"
Scripture- Hebrews 10:23-36
As Christians, we should have a strong faith base. Faith that believes God keeps his promises and when things get rough- remembering all God has brought us through. Not only is our faith for us- it is for the benefit of others and we are to encourage each other on this journey called life.
Beloved, be unrelenting in your faith, keep sacred the sacrifice Jesus paid for your sins and be a witness to someone who may need your support in the faith walk!!
Corporate Sunday School -- Deacon Bellamy Shivers  8/15/2021 
"The F= word"     Scripture: Romans 5:15b
Today we going to say the “F” word….
No- today is about that F word- Forgiveness!
Forgiveness- in Greek is translated to “send off/ release”. The root word forgive means to cease to be angry or resentful; to let off . Forgiveness is a verb- an action word!
Forgiveness is a spiritual blessing. It is a decision which starts in the heart but is not based on feelings. And it is a 2-way street- so not only do we need to give forgiveness and we also must ask and receive forgiveness.
Why should I forgive? One simple answer and reason---because God forgave us first.
The action of forgiveness is good for our mind, body and especially our spirit.
Who needs your forgiveness today? Is there someone in your life who has wronged you 70 x 7? Have you forgiven them? Don’t worry- forgive. God got it. And whatever that means, it’s not your concern--- you do what nees to be done and forgive.
Who do you need to ask to forgive you? Have you repented for what you did to someone? Against God? What has happened in your life that you are having a hard time accepting forgiveness? We can be our own worst critic.
Family--- choose to seek and choose to give forgiveness.
Min. Adrianne Robinson, FBC Assoc. Min.  8/8/2012
"Being Kept by the Lord"   
Scripture- Jude 1:24-25 and Lamentations 3:22-23
This verse from Jude is usually stated at the end of a church service. But we serve a God who is the beginning and the end.
To be kept by the Lord, we must be connected, committed and commercial-
Connected- If we are connected to God, we are kept from eternal and complete destruction. We are connected thru the blood of Jesus.
Committed- we must profess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and focus solely on Him.
Commercial- we are to be "ads" for Jesus- walk in faith and share your testimony.
We are a KEPT and chosen people of God!!!
Be blessed!!
Guest Preacher - Rev. Diane Watson-Kendall, Pilgrim Baptist Church, Red Bank, NJ 8/1/2021
"Get Your House in Order"   Scripture Psalms 30:1-5
This is not a regular psalm- this is a psalm of redemption, reflection and rejoicing. When David wrote this psalm--it was not just a dedication of God's temple---it was an exaltation to our Lord and the temple- we may say-- was about David's physical and spiritual temple---His own life and walk with God.
Today with all that is going on- pandemic, racial injustices and inequalities- this is the time for all of us to get our houses in order. All of us can do better, can do some adjusting in our lives--- our attitude, work ethic, health issues debt and finances. God is calling for us to something in order.
We need to do as David did and dedicate all we are, who we are and all that we have back to God and let God "do it now".
It's time to get your house in order!
Be blessed!!!
Guest preacher - Rev. Dr. Nicole Drakeford, First Baptist Church, Vauxhall, NJ  7-25-2021
"Praise God"   Scripture: Psalms 9:1-2
A lot of things are happening right now beyond our control. This scripture can be applied to these times.
Davis breaks down 4 ways in which to praise God-
  1. "with my whole heart"- we have many reasons to thank God and if we look back on our lives, we can have a genuine and thankful heart- despite what is going on around us.
  2. "I will tell of all your marvelous works"- we should tell others- testify- about what the Lord has done for us. Tell someone and tell everyone!
  3. "I will be glad and rejoice in You"- Life is not perfect, but we must make the choice to be joyful. It is a resolve within ourselves to be glad because of God.
  4. "I will sing praises to Your Name"- there is something powerful when you sing praises to God. Singing is not only a spiritual gift- we ALL are to sing to our Lord.
Praising God precedes our victory!!  Be blessed!!!
Guest Preacher -- Rev. Benjamin Evans, Sr., Pastor Mt. Zion AME, Eatontown, NJ            7-11-2021
"Jesus- are you asleep"  Scripture- Mark 4:35-41
Jesus' disciples witnessed many miracles that Jesus performed- yet--in the midst of their storm, they thought He was asleep! They focused on the problem instead of the problem-solver.
We all at one time or another questioned if God cars---if He is listening. But take a look over your life and think about all He has already done for you.
Many of us try to outrun our storms, only to discover they still find us. You may feel alone- you pray and you wonder whether God is listening! Know beloved-He is with you and He cares all about you.
God is bigger than any problem you will face. You may not see Him moving--you may think He dos not hear you, but God is right there with you.
Fear is normal and is to be expected. But don't say in your fear---hold onto God's unchanging hand. Don't forget who is in the boat with you!!
Reverend James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   7-4-2021
Happy 5th Anniversary to our Pastor- Reverend James A. Jackson, Jr!!!!
"Feel the Fire"
Scripture- 1 Kings 18:20-39
The gift for a 5th year anniversary is wood. Wood is sturdy, firm and strong.
Pastoring is not easy and doing the work of God is not easy either. It can be lonely doing God's Will.
In the text, the prophet Elijah lays out the challenge for the people- 2 options- God or baal.
People may demand you to prove that God is worthy to be praised. Especially with all that is going on around us- pandemic, racist acts, violence, etc..... People may find it hard to praise God. Folks may try and offer a "better" product. But as children of the most High God- we keep our focus on Him.
Say yes to His calling..... keep praying and keep your "wood" burning for Him!! You are God's wood for His people. Feel the fire and burn, baby burn!!!
Be blessed!!!
Guest Preacher - Rev. Carla Jones Brown, Pastor Arch Street Presbyterian Church Philadelphia PA   6-27-2021
Your Future is not Determined by your Past”   Scripture Philippians 3:12-21
In this day and age- folks are looking at their past to excuse present behavior. The world will look backwards, while those of us who follow Christ- look forward. In His strength, we can heal from past pain and move forward.
Reflect on where God has brought you from- thru valleys, rivers and dark places. Say this out loud- “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”
Throw away that rear-view mirror——look to the sky——look up——keep your eyes on Jesus! Life is tough—- but God is tougher!!
You may feel no one cares about you; people criticize you. Remember this- you and your future matter to God. People may try and remind you of your past— but your past does not define your future!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   6-6-2021
“Call Urgently on the Lord who loves to turn in Compassion”
Scripture- Jonah 3
When we are not doing right, God in His mercy will give us an opportunity to get it together and repent.
Sometimes, God will put you in a situation where it is just you and Him so He can speak to you. If we call out to the Lord, He will hear is and answer our need. (Read 2 Chronicles 7:14)
Is God speaking to you? Are you willing to listen and heed His instruction? Don’t think it’s too late to be forgiven! Because of Christ- we are saved through His sacrifice on the cross.
Know this- when you hold onto grudges, your hands will be too full to catch the blessings!
Corporate Sunday School -- Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr.  5-30-2021
“When it’s time to say Goodbye “     Scripture- Genesis 19:15-17
It’s hard for a pro- athlete to say goodbye to the sport they love- the sacrifices, training, joy, ups and downs…..
As we get older, our bodies start to betray us and we say goodbye to our youthfulness. In general, we say goodbye to those things that are familiar.
(Remember the song -“it’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday?)
In the text, Lot and his family had to say goodbye- they had to hurry up and leave! The book of Ecclesiastes tells us- “there is a time to plant and a time to uproot “. As a people- we like to plant, but we don’t want to move/ change.
God is trying to do something in your life, but you may need to say “goodbye “ to your current situation and you don’t know the plan. But you must trust God!!
When it’s time to say goodbye, you will have to do something different in your life. Let God take you to new spaces and places- it’s time to say goodbye.
Minister Edward Robinson, FBC Associate Minister  5/23/2021
First Baptist Church Women's Day!
"HATS, HEELS AND HEALING- Go Get It"   Scripture- Luke 8:43-48
What is a spiritual hat? The book of Ephesians says- there is a piece of armor we need to protect our head- the helmet of salvation…..“…the helmet of salvation and sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God…”
2Cor 4:8-9, CEB says- "We are experiencing all kinds of trouble, but we aren’t crushed. We are confused, but we aren’t depressed. We are harassed, but we aren’t abandoned. We are knocked down, but we aren’t knocked out". We may feel at the end of our rope, but know that you are not at the end of your hope. There is nothing that comes against us that we cannot overcome as long as we walk with Jesus!!
Do you know that right now, any of us have or has had any type of disability? Even with diseases and disabilities, we can still be whole and healed. How? Because you have Jesus in your life- and no matter what the issue is- faith in Him makes us whole and our souls healed! God wants you to be healed more than you want to be healed!
Look at our woman in the Bible- the woman with the issue of blood….she thought- "if I just touch the hem of his garment- I can be healed". She pushed her way thru the crowd.
You have to change how you think—correct your thoughts on who you think you are---and reach out on your heels---get tall and bold with what you want….. and get your healing!!!
Minister Adrianne Robinson, FBC Assoc. Minister   May 16, 2021
"A Mother's Resume- Prayer Warrior"    Scripture- 1 Samuel 1:9-18
Today it is about mothers and a mother’s resume.
A resume for a job that does not get a paid salary. A resume for a job that doesn’t specify the work hours or shift times. A resume for a job where you may not have the experience prior to getting the position, but due to genetic make-up- this woman possess the qualifications necessary to become a mom. A resume for a job where your “employer” might not be in your own bloodline.
Hannah is known in the Bible as the Praying Mother. There will be different situations that come abut in your life that will give you this training to be a Prayer Warrior- at different ages and seasons for our children we are to uplift them in prayer- for their health- for their academics- for making right decisions when it comes to friends or in social settings- drinking, trying drugs…
Hannah’s joy in having her 1st born- was to give him back to God. Her prayer is evidence to all of us that everything we have- including our children- are a loan to us from God. In Hannah’s prayer, it prepared her to do what all mothers must eventually do- let go of their children.
So moms, mamas, mommies, Ma, madre’s, madear, mema, mommom, Gigi’s, Aunties, Big momma’s…… add prayer warrior to your portfolio.
Happy Mother's Day
Minister Adrianne Robinson, FBC Associate Minister   5-9-2021
"God Hasn't Given Up On Us"   Scripture- Psalms 27
The question is often asked-where is God when life gets tough?
Struggles are part of Christian growth, and God is God is good times and bad times.
Psalms 27 expresses confidence and trust in God. How many of us turn to God when chaos is all around us? In our hardship, God is our strength!
We are to be of "good courage" because God will never leave us nor forsake us. Know this---our success does not come from the absence of problems----it comes from the presence of the One who goes thru it with us!
Don't adopt an attitude of "woe is me" or "why me". Don't get caught up in your feelings. Instead- be grateful for those things which will make you stronger. There are no surprises to God. He uses those problems and struggles to direct us, inspect us, correct us, protect us and perfect us.
God has not given up on us..... God has not given up on you!
Be blessed!!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  5-2-2021
"The 6th Sense"    Scripture- John 20:19-22
In 1999, there was a hit movie called “The Sixth Sense”. In this box office smash, a boy who communicates with spirits that don't know they're dead seeks the help of a disheartened child psychologist, actor Bruce Willis-who is also dead and doesn‘t know it. This young boy has the ability to see dead people. A famous line from this movie is “I see dead people”.
The human body has five senses- sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. These are what we call our sense organs.
Christians have what I call a sixth sense. Some people define this sixth sense as “intuition”- a combination of our value system and experience . It also includes what a person’s convictions are based on. I call it the Holy Spirit. How we make decisions comes from this sixth sense- the Holy Spirit. ---or at least it should! When we are facing tough decisions, we should go to GOD in prayer and seek His wisdom which is His Spirit.
Just as the 5 senses of the body play a role in our health and well-being, so that 6th sense- the Holy Spirit- does as well. Allow the Holy Spirit to take root in your life and show you GOD’s blessings. Let your soul be filled with the Spirit. No true joy can the world give; only through the touch and anointing of the Holy Spirit can we truly experience the joy GOD meant for us to have.
Minister Adrianne Robinson, FBC Associate Minister  4-25-2021
Topic- "Build God's Kingdom in Spite of Opposition"
Scripture- Nehemiah 2:11-20
These verses of scripture teach us that many impossible things are possible when you put God 1st and allow Him to work in the situation.
When we move forward in God- trust Him- walk with Him and follow Him, the enemy will try and distract you- keep you from doing the work God has called you to do.
When given an assignment on our jobs, we make sure we have all the needed information, materials and equipment. It's the same when working in God's Kingdom. We need to seek Him, be still and listen to Him. In doing that kind of planning, the project will be successful.
Yes- when we work for God- change our lives for Him--opposition will come!! But be encouraged! Keep living in accordance with His Word. Don't worry about the "nay-sayers". God will take care of them and He will take care of you.
By staying steadfast in the midst of opposition will build your character, increase your faith and develop your perseverance!
Corporate Sunday School - Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor -- 4/18/2021
"The Future of Worship"   Scripture- Matthew 16:17-18
The year 2020 ushered in a new way of working- remotely. Many companies have done away with their employees going to a brick and mortar building. This is a new concept. Dress codes have changed---companies are zooming, facetiming and using Teams. No one imagined it would be like this.
In the scripture text, Jesus boldly proclaims His church will be built on a Rock. The future of worship---the future of ministry--is not confined inside walls. The business of God's kingdom can happen anywhere!
In the midst of this pandemic, God uses this time to spread His message of salvation- outside the usual 4 walls of a church building. Taking ministry to a global level. The future of worship is reaching more people....the future of worship is touching numerous people from all walks of faith!
Minister Edward Robinson, FBC Associate Minister  4-11-2021
Happy and Blessed Resurrection Sunday!!
"The Importance of the Resurrection"   Scripture- Acts 1:3-5
Song- "Thank you for the Nails"
Today is the most special time of year- celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. It is the foundation of the Christian faith.
There are many conspiracy theories surrounding this day- Jesus did not die, but went unconscious, His body was stolen, and on and on.... But as believers in Christ, we dismiss these lies!
Read the scripture reference for today's sermon- He showed Himself to many people. Then look at your own life and think it over and see how Jesus works in you. We are witnesses today to the power of the resurrection.
Jesus does more than give life---He is life! We share in His victory over death. When you grasp and accept this truth--- you will never be the same. You can't stay the same!
What does Resurrection mean? It means sickness and death have no means there is forgiveness of means our life can be means our Savior lives and the blood still works!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  4-4-2021
"Waving the White Flag- Surrender"    Scripture- Matthew 26:36-44
In the society that we currently live in- giving up or surrendering is frowned upon. It is a symbol of fragility and weakness. It is a sign of being a coward- of being afraid. It is a measuring point of separating the weak and the strong-- for the strong never surrender.
The example I like of surrender in the Bible is this story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Whenever I struggle with something in my life- a decision- trying to forgive- needing an answer- I say “Not my will, but Your Will”. There is power in waving that white flag. Jesus lived a “surrendered-life”. We hinder God when we hold tight to our own will and desires.
But true giving up- true surrender- relinquishing control and choosing to trust God- 100%-- surrendering our heart to Jesus- then we will see a lifetime of promises open up for you…..yield upward, transmit and entrust….
He can change your current circumstances into a victory. He will make your enemies your footstool. He will take you up higher. He will overshadow you with His Spirit and His glory will shine through you. If God did all those great things that we read about in the Bible thru men and women who were willing to surrender--- imagine what He will do thru and for you!
All to Jesus-I surrender-
All to Him I freely give—
I will ever love and trust Him---
In His presence daily live---
I surrender all—I surrender all-
All to thee my blessed Savior--- I surrender all!!!
Min. Adrianne Robinson, Associate Minister  3- 28-2021
"A Call to Serve" Scripture- Exodus 3:3-4, 10
JFK inspired Americans when he said- "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what can you do for your country". He challenged Americans to be a part of and contribute to the "public good".
Michelle Obama had a huge platform- outside of her husband. Her actions and deeds affected millions of people. Her "Let's Move" movement had her standing in rooms with known and famous people that she might otherwise may have never met.
In the scripture text, God's people were calling out for help. God chose a man to serve His purpose and deliver the nation of Israel. How many of us would be willing to be called to a service of this magnitude?
For one to serve- one has to be willing----roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. When you are called to serve, be present....check in.....raise your hand and get focused.
Is God calling you? Are you being called to serve? Raise your hand and tell God- I am here!
Do not miss your opportunity! Jesus came to serve and we are to imitate Him. Being called to serve is an actionable item. If you see something--- do something!!
Min. Edward Robinson, Associate Minister  3-14-2021
"When God Leads- We Will Follow"   Scripture- Exodus 13:17-18
Remember the game-"follow the leader" and if you didn't follow the leader, you were out the game?
God will never put us in compromising situations. We should never take for granted what God does for us. He desires to lead us- not dominate over us. We are made in His image and therefore should yield ourselves to His loving leading.
Why did God take the Israelites thru the wilderness? It was to help develop and strengthen them. God may also detour you to keep you from those things that may try and harm you. And- sometimes, if there are obstacles in our way, He will provide a way around them and take us through.
In following God, we need to stay in prayer that we are following His guidance. Know this- there is "permissive will"- in other words- you get what you ask for; and there is "divine will"- this is God's perfect plan for our lives in which we get what we need- not what we want.
When God leads- despite what it feels like- we need to follow Him. Even in your weakest moment, God is your strength. Nothing will overcome you as long as you follow the One with plan!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor -- 3/7/2021
"I Come from a Broken Home"   Scripture- Genesis 16:11-12
Here we read in these scriptures about an entanglement- between Sarah, Abraham and Hagar. A child was born into a broken home- Ishmael- and some might say he was dealt a bad hand in life.
Some of us may feel we come from brokenness or a broken home or have brokenness in us. You may know someone who also feels this way. We are all dealing with some level of being or feeling broken. "Brokenness" can be generational.
But the good news is-- STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT---we can turn it over to Jesus and He will work it out! Let God fix what's "broken" in you. Jesus is that light at the end of our tunnels. Trust Him and let Him bind up your wounds!
Minister Edward Robinson, Assosiate Minister 2/14/2021  
"An Undying Love" --    Scripture- Hosea 3:1-5
One thing about God- He is never slack concerning His promises. But what about us? Do we stay faithful to Him? When He talks, are we listening? How many excuses have told to God?
These verses of scripture tell us though Israel was treating God any type of way- He still loved them unconditionally. Praise God- even though we mess up- He is still with us and for us.
This is good news!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor -- 2/7/2021
"Call to Prophecy- Value Women's Voices Like God Does"
Scripture focus- Luke 2:36-38 and Acts 2:16-21 and Acts 21:8-9
The old way of church thinking- women should not speak or teach in the church. Sadly, some churches still feel this way. But God can and will use ordinary folk- men and women alike- as long as you are in tune with God and have a relationship with Him.
Read your Bible and you will learn about all the different women God used. Jesus elevated the status of women and restored their value. It was to women that Jesus showed Himself to first when He rose from the dead.
Look around and see who God is using----sometimes what it needs is a women's touch!
Corporate Sunday School Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr.   1/31/2021
"Vision Board"   Scripture- Habakkuk 2:2-3
From Genesis to Revelation there a tons of visions and vision-made plans. What are your visions? What do you hope to accomplish in this new year?
In this scripture of Habakkuk-- this is God’s answer to the prophet’s questions of how long will evil prevail and why did God chose Babylon to punish Judah? God said His answer -- His vision needed to be written down and serve as a reminder and witness to the vision. It will not happen immediately - but in due time - will be fulfilled.
-- So picture with me a --Vision Board.
Visions... we all have them… don’t we?  Visions give us possibilities and can allow us to “see” things as they can be. One thing I learned in my preparation for this sermon is that our vision -- futures that we hope for -- do not and cannot exist apart from God and without God’s influence and partnership, a vision can become a burden -- no purpose -- no passion -- no direction and no motivation.
The start of a new year provides opportunities for us to look at the year and make plans to "shape a preferred future”. It is a clean slate!!!
Whatever your vision is -- be passionate, be motivated, be driven and be purposed in your vision. And above all -- keep God in it and allow Him to put together your thousand word picture so the world can glorify Him.
Minister Adrianne Robinson, FBC Associate Minister 1-24-2021
"Called in Authority"  Scripture- Mark 2:1-12
Other words come to mind when we think about the term "authority"- faith/ power/ tenacity/ command/ determination and relentless.
Sometimes we may feel we don't have the power to change our situation, but thru Jesus Christ- authority is given. When God gives you authority, you can overcome- you can be healed---- your sins are forgiven----you can make it thru!
Walk in God's authority-- hold your head up high and trust God with all of your concerns!!
Corporate Sunday School Lesson -- Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  1-17-2021
“Faithful, but Lost Your Faith”    Scripture- Job 2:7-9
Here we are Jan 10, 2021— how is your faith?
Faith is that complete trust and confidence in something or someone. In the verse 9, Job’s wife tells him to curse God and die. Before we judge her- how’s your faith? How did we react when this pandemic hit? How do we respond when adversity invades our spaces and chaos disrupts our lives?
Faith- faith- faith— we need in times like these. No matter what- hold on to your faith. 2 Corinthians 5:7- “we walk by faith and not by sight”. Hebrews 11:1- “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the eveidence of things we cannot see”.
All around us- increased violence, loss of jobs, sickness and children falling behind- but our Bible tells us if we have faith the size of a mustard seed... we can move mountains!!
Know God has you and keep your faith!!
Minister Edward Robinson, FBC Associate Minister   1/10/2021
"God Gives and He Cares"   Scripture- Philippians 4:19
Happy New Year!!
This scripture- when we read it- shows that when we step out in faith, we do knowing God will supply and provide for all our needs. We have to trust Him. It may not come in the form of money, but maybe thru a friend, an encouraging word or recognition.
No matter how much you give to God- He will recognize your giving and He will bless you in your time of need. God knows the right moment- so thank Him in advance. Everyday He graciously meets our needs.
There is power in giving and remember- God loves a cheerful giver. And it is not just our money- but it is about giving our time and talent as well. Whatever He has given us - we use for His glory. There is nothing we have or achieved that has not come from our Lord! Everything comes from Him.
God gave us His best in His Son Jesus- so don't give Him your leftovers!! The song says--"You can't beat God's giving no matter how hard you try..."
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   1/3/2021
"There is Still Hope"   Scripture- Romans 15:12-13
Hope gives us a sense of possibilities and a renewed emotional and mental charge! Hope motivates us- to do better……to strive for more……to trust and believe that anything is possible. In this world- with all its sin, disappointments and unwanted challenges and trials---- we need hope. The world would have you think that hope is just “wishful thinking”- ------a yearning for something in the future which we cannot be sure we will attain. But for Christians---- believers in Christ---- hope is an assurance and strong confidence in God.
HOPE- an expectation of what is to come and Who is to come. To have hope- to have faith--is a choice. We must choose to be hopeful in a world filled with confusion, sickness and despair. And our hope can shine like the stars on a dark night.
This year 2020 has been one of the most challenging years in history to date! But beloved- know better is coming and a new hope for 2021!!
Minister Adrianne Robinson  12/27/2020
"Joy to the World"   Scripture- Psalms 98
It's Christmastime and everywhere there are sounds of the season. The joy of Christmas comes through the birth of Jesus- God's Son. This passage of scripture- Psalms 98- resounds in praise to God and captures the joy of God's people. It also serves to remind us of the victories God has given us.
"The joy of the Lord is my strength..." (Psalms 28:7)- we sing praises to God to glorify His name and offer hope to the world. Remember -"weeping endures for a night, but JOY comes in the morning".
We sing "Joy to the world because our "Savior has come... let earth receive her King..... repeat the sounding joy"!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 12/20/2020
"Leadership in Times Like These"   Scripture- Titus 3:1-5
There are 4 outcomes to leadership-
  1. Denial
  2. Resistance
  3. Exploration
  4. Commitment
Serious times need sincere leadership and the church rises or falls based on the leadership. Jesus' love and His leadership has its cornerstone in the church.
Leadership should address the needs of the people- physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Leadership should inspire change in people and also empower.
When leading- people should see God in you! What type of leader are you in times like these??
Minister Edward Robinson 12/13/2020
"MY Life is in His Hands"    Scripture- Jeremiah 18:1-6
The nation of Israel was a rebellious nation. They put their confidence in the wrong things. In this year of 2020, we are no different. We put our confidence in the wrong things- government, horoscopes, creation, etc....
God can take a situation and He will mold you for that situation. No matter what comes our way, we are in God's hands. We will experience pain, disappointment, tragedies, loneliness, grief and uncertainty. But we must put our faith in Him!
God is not slack in His promises to us. He will do what He said He will do. He is the potter and we are the clay. He will mold and shape us and equip us for whatever comes our way. He has personal concern for you. He wants us to be fruitful and prosper.
Our life is in His hands and there is no better place that our lives can be!!
Be blessed!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   12/6/2020
“Impartial Love”     Scripture- James 2:1-13
“It is all too easy to discriminate based on someone’s personal hygiene, clothing styles, or any number of other preferences. But all people are beloved creations of God...” (from the Quiet Hour devotional). We should show love by honoring people, not positions.
The word impartial is defined as-“treating all equally, fair and just”. As believers, we should not show favoritism. We are instructed in the Bible to show love to everyone. Genuine faith in God results in genuinely changed lives. Impartial love is not favoritism.
Remember, Jesus died for ALL and EVERYONE! You and me!!
Corporate Sunday School -- Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   11/29/2020
"Just Be Thankful"    Scripture- Psalms 136:23-26
Thanksgiving is a national holiday- sometimes it seems like the forgotten holiday as we will go from Halloween straight to Christmas. Thanksgiving reminds us to give thanks in all circumstances and remember what God has done for us. The text tells us to praise and thank God for who He is for He is good!
Too many people are too busy worried about what they don't have instead of being thankful of what they do have. We thank God for the big things- car, job, house, etc....But we also need to thank Him for the so-called small things- breath in our body, in our right mind, clothes on our backs and waking us up.
Our thanks should not be based on what we have or what is obtained-- our thanks and praise should be based on who God is--good and His faithfulness endures forever!
Yes-- there is so much going on- unemployment, sickness, pandemic and death----but we can thank God through it all. He will pull us through and a better tomorrow is coming. JUST BE THANKFUL--all year round!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   11/22/2020
“Confident Love”   Scripture- 1John 3:11-24
We live in a society whose motto is “what have you done for me lately”? Sometimes we get “paralyzed” in giving our love. It’s not natural for us to love those who wronged us, but because of the love of Jesus- we are to love even those.
We need to adopt an “agape” love (unconditional). If we do, it can change the world. Jesus gave us 2 great commandments- “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind..... love your neighbor as yourself”.
Love doesn’t depend on your feelings- it relies on the love of God. Love is actionable!
Remember this - Jesus is life, light and love!  Be blessed....
Guest Speaker - Corporate Sunday School - Deacon Bellamy Shivers  11/16/2020
“The Blood Still Works”   Scripture- Leviticus 14:14-18
We- the church- must get back to the blood. Without the blood, there is no salvation, no justification, no deliverance, no power, no anointing, no authority, no protection and no forgiveness of sins.
We must plead the blood of Jesus over our lives and our situations. There is life in the blood. The blood pronounces us innocent before the accuser- satan. Jesus gave His life- His blood- so we could be redeemed. The blood still works!!!
Guest Preacher - Min. Tracy Kimbrough, United Fellowship Baptist Church, Asbury Park 11/8/2020
“Seeing is Believing”   Scripture- John 20:24-29
We live in a culture today surrounded by doubt. We need evidence before we label something as truth.
In the text, Thomas wasn’t present when Jesus came to the disciples. These 12 had witnessed Jesus and His miracles during His ministry here on earth.
Even today, we witness great miracles- we wake up—the sun rises—- but a lot of us still doubt that there is a God and Jesus is the Savior of the world.
Maybe you’re having trouble believing——- well—read your Bible. All the promises, truths and proof is in His Holy Word. Have faith—-read Hebrews 11:1— Faith is seeing and believing!
Be blessed!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 11-1-2020
Happy 120thAnniversary to First Baptist Church, Belmar, NJ!!!
"Little is Not Enough"   Scripture- Genesis 19:14-17
God told Lot to get out of the city. Lot was "comfortable" in his situation. We also get into routines---work--church---home---REPEAT.
When God gives us instructions, we have to move! God is going to make changes and "destroy" your routine-- but you will not be destroyed. Some things must come to an end in order for you to step into your blessing. You have to trust God in the process. Don't let your past keep you down. Don't look back!
Remember- nothing that God puts in your hands will fail. Don't get re-directed from your purpose. Don't get comfortable in your situation. We can't settle for "little"---little is not enough! God wants more and better for you. Be blessed!
Guest Preacher Rev. JerQuentin Sutton, Sr. Pastor Lebanon Baptist Church Westwood NJ 10-25-2020

Sunday School lesson-“Love Thy Neighbor”    Scripture- Luke 10:25-37

The following is an excerpt from the Quiet Hour devotional-“In 1997, at the peak of the Confederate flag debate in South Carolina, a 23 year old black man named Otis Gaither was on his way home from work.  Nearing what looked like a mobile home engulfed in flames, he pulled over. 


Despite the controversial emblem flying in the front yard, Gaither entered the home and pulled an unconscious white couple from the blaze.  Gaither was not interested in the qualifications of the residents.  He was simply interested in their safety”. 

When you read Luke 10:25-37, you get a sense that it’s meaning definitely pertains to our current climate in society today.  It is important to love our neighbor- and that’s not only those who live next door to us, but it’s anyone and everyone. Because God is love and if we love Him- we must love each other. 


The love you show to someone could turn their situation around.  The love someone shows you could turn your situation around.  Love thy neighbor!  Love is all we need!  


Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  10/18/2020

“Take a Step Toward Your Breakthru”   Scripture- Galatians 6:9
Do you need a breakthru? You are not alone. We go through phases—-waiting and watching for this breakthru we so desperately need. But it’s not enough to wait and watch—-we may have to do something. But with the process of “doing something”—putting in the work—we get tired. Even so- we must press on and those who don’t give up, will “reap a harvest of blessing”. In order to reap the harvest, we must be plugged in to Christ and serve him!
I ask you again- do you need a breakthru? Hold on- it’s coming!! Praise His name!!
Guest Preacher - Rev. Benjamin Evans, Pastor Mr. Zion AME Zion Church, Eatontown, NJ
I’m Still Standing”     Scripture- Psalms 59:16-17
We live in a world that seems out of control. Some of us may feel scared and want to run and hide. But remember - you are more than a conqueror in Christ and you are still standing- no matter what is going on around you.
Reflect on Psalms 23... "yea though I walk through the valley..." David knew God was his protector. We can "do all things through Christ who strengthens" us. When you allow God to be in control, He will bless you... He will hold you up. Stand on His promises and He'll keep you standing.
We can stand because God is able! Period!! AMEN!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 10/4/2020
“How is Your Heart”    Scripture- Acts 8:9-25
Despite all going on in these strange times - God has never left us. He gives us a peace which surpasses all understanding.
As Christians, our job is to reach the whole world- one heart at a time. The problem is our hearts have been clogged with power and judgement. We need to dislodge those things which prevents us from truly reaching our purpose for God. We need to practice “heart-healthy” habits. Fulfill the call God has on your life.
How is your heart?
Be blessed
Rev. Carla Jones Brown, Pastor/Head of Staff, Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia PA
Guest Preacher for Diaconate Ordination and Elevation Service   8/30/2020
"Beware of False Equivalence"    Scripture - 1Samuel 18: 6-7
It’s like comparing apples to oranges- comparison of 2 subjects based on false reasoning.
Comparison is an ugly disease and if you are not careful, you will believe you’re not good enough. The scripture text tells us the women were singing making an unfair comparison.
Don’t let anyone tell you who you are. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon- they both shine when it’s their time.
God made you unique. You are an individual. It’s your time to shine. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are the apple of God’s eye!!
Minister Edward Robinson 8/16/2020
"Crossing Bridges"   Scripture - Judges 12:5-6
We have all said the following expression- "I'll cross that bridge when I get to it". But how many of us actually get to "it"? Crossing bridges is hard and terrifying- spiritually and naturally. Some of us have an intense fear of crossing bridges. This fear comes from thinking the bridge is going to collapse. But if you keep focused on what is in front of you- being centered- you can overcome that fear.
The scripture verse speaks of a challenge word that needs to be answered in order to cross the bridge. We may have "challenge words" that deter us from going over- "you can't.....", "you're not good enough", "you shoudln't......" Or our own inflexibility holds us back.
God says we "can", "should" and "will". Go ahead and cross that bridge- keep focused on Him!!
Minister Edward Robinson 8/9/2020

"Don't Hang Up if God Puts You on Hold!" Scripture - Jeremiah 33:1-3


Have you ever been put on hold before you even said “hello?” We get impatient when God tells us to wait. But if we hold on- the blessing will come. We must stay faithful, pray without ceasing and boldly approach the throne of God. Remember—delay is not denial!!


Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 8/2/2020

"Flexible and Fluid"   Scripture - Joshua 2:4-7
Flexible and fluid are the new buzzwords for today’s businesses in the midst of change. These words go hand in hand.
When we read the scripture text-Rahab demonstrates being flexible and fluid in wanting to help the 2 spies.  We have to be flexible and fluid so God can work in our lives and watch Him do great things! We have to be flexible and fluid so He can use us.
Right now- you may feel stuck in a situation, but if you’re flexible in what God is trying to do and work with Him (fluid)- it will turn around!!
Minister Edward Robinson 7/26/2020
"A Way Maker!"  Scripture - Isaiah 43:15-16
Jesus has the power to make a way for each of us to get to heaven. He has taken some us thru very turbulent times.
When we read the Bible, we learn that God made a way for countless people. Even when we sway in the wrong direction, God will guide us back and make a way. Despite the virus and current racial turmoil, God is still in control and He is our way maker.
Have you felt hostage to a situation? Remember- our God can do the impossible. When we are weak- He is strong. When we can’t- He can. When we fall- He picks us back up.
Praise God- our way maker!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 7/19/2020
"State of the Union" Scripture - Nehemiah 5:15
What is the role of the church in this current climate of protests and social unrest? Years ago- people were trained in peaceful protests in the church's fellowship hall. The church's responsibility is to preach the Word to inspire and encourage people. We are to fight against hate and bigotry.
The book of Nehemiah tells us the people are upset (5:1). Why do people protest? Because they want wholeness, fairness, to be understood and justice.
What's the state of our union? It's a sad state- it's a flawed state- it's a broken state----but with the strength of the people and lifting our voices, we can affect change!!
In the midst of your protest- Jesus stands with you!!
Minister Edward Robinson 7/12/2020
"All We Need is Love!!" Scripture -- John 13:34-35
Society would have you believe it's ok to have hate towards someone who does not look like you. A Christian's love is not supposed to be how the world loves. God commands us to love Him and each other. Remember this truth- "God is love". We are to show the love of Christ to all people. Jesus' sacrifice is the example of perfect love for an imperfect race. Read Romans 5:8.
Remember beloved, nothing can separate you from the love of God (Romans 8:38).
All we need is love!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 7/5/2020
Happy Anniversary to our Pastor for 4 years of service!!
"Spiritual Leadership" Scripture - 2Kings 2:1-9
God created salmon to go against the flow of the current- swim upstream.
When God calls people to spiritual leadership- not wordly leadership- spiritual leaders are expected to go against the current flow of the world!
Spiritual leaders - when truly following God will speak truthfully, pray, seek after God, stand up for what's right and have confidence- not in themselves, but in the God they serve.  God is sending out the call- will you answer?
Guest Preacher - Rev. Edmond Lee, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Neptune 6/28/2020
"Men of Honor"   Scripture- Isaiah 6:1-8
The epiphany of fatherhood is in the example of our Savior- Jesus. God commends men of honor who fear Him and is a blessing to his family.
If you desire to be a man of honor- it's time to be a better father, husband and friend. You need to commit to God and your family. You need to provide spiritual guidance and be an example of integrity and take on the nature of Christ.
Happy Father's Day!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 6/21/2020
"Wait For It"   Scripture - John 11:3-7
We are living in a "microwave society". One of the many things my mother taught me was patience.  The definition of the word wait is- "the action of staying where one is".
The scripture text tells us that a dear friend of Jesus was sick and Jesus delayed his travel to see him for 2 days. Have you ever felt like you called on Jesus and wonder where He at??!! We have to trust even in the midst of crisis, we can wait on Jesus because He will come through!!
Wait for it!!
Minister Edward Robinson 6/14/2020
"Let It Go!"   Scripture - Matthew 11:28-30
Life is a constant barrage of stuff that happens to us and shows us how little control we really have. We need to learn to let go of those things we have no control over and cannot handle.
You know the saying- "Let Go and Let God"? Stop putting unnecessary weight on your shoulders. Turn it over to God- He will make your problems His problems. He is supernatural and nothing is beyond His control. Let God give you that peace! Trust Him! Release it all to Him- negative thoughts, stress, worry, anxiety, depression, your job, your kids, your spouse... whatever it is!!
You are not in this alone- Jesus is right there with you. Pray and ask God to help you release it all to Him.
Let It Go!!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 6/7/2020
"You've Got to Make It!"   Scripture - Mark 4:35-41
Who knew that just a few months back we were celebrating a new year- 2020- "perfect vision"; and now look where we are!
We all are facing some type of storm in our lives- whether it is pertaining to health, job, family---whatever the storm, the solution will always be God.
Regardless of what it "looks like", regardless of what is changed- God's presence assures us that we will make it. Even thru this pandemic- you've got to make it! We will make it!!
Guest Preacher - Minister Tracy Kimbrough, United Fellowship BC, Asbury Park 5/24/2020
"Chaotic Disaster!"   Scripture - Acts 14:1-4 (especially verse 2)
Do you know some folks who like to stir up trouble? People who handg around the break room at work- talking negative? A person who will "pour cold water" on a hot and great idea?  These verses of scripture tell us there were problems among the people while God's Word was being preached.
How are we after we hear the Word? Do we go out and let others know about the gift of salvation? We need to tell everyone that God is in the blessing business.
Through this pandemic, there are still blessings happening. Don't worry about the chaos around you! How? Do the following-
1. Activate your faith
2. Open your Bible- find a favorite scripture
3. Trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5)
4. Testify and witness as to what God has done for you
Speak life over your family, your situation and yourself. Don't give up!!!
Minister Edward Robinson 5/17/2020
"A Praying Mother"    Scripture - 1 Samuel 1: 9-11
We pause today to give thanks to all mothers-they are gifts from God!
How many of you had a praying mother? If it wasn't for the prayers of mothers, who knows how our lives may have turned out. God sees and hears a praying mother. There are situations that make mothers want to cry and give up - but be like Hannah and reach out to God!!
Pity parties won't do--take that issue to God in prayer- any request--- any petition--- God sees your heart. When praying to Him- be humble, have faith, be clear in your asking and trust your answer is on the way. And when you keep your promise to God, He will bless you beyond your imagination (verse 20).
Keep praying mothers!!! Don't give up!!! God hears you!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 5/10/2020

"Do It Now"   Scripture- Romans 13:11-14

Each day can be better as long as we put Jesus first. God has given us the gift of time - so what are we going to do with the time He has given us?


Don't take His mercy for granted! It's time for us to wake up! Jesus is coming back soon and the signs of His coming are apparent. God is giving us the time to get it right.

Do it now- accept Jesus!
Do it now- trust Him!
Do it now- praise Him!
Do it now- put all your cares in His hands!
Do it now- claim your healing - in Jesus Name!!
Do it now!!! 


Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  5-3-2020

"What Do You Have to Lose"   Scripture- Matthew 24:4, 10-11
During the 2016 presidential campaign, there was a certain candidate using tactics to get people on his side. He also seemed to state the same message- "what do you have to lose?".


In these verses of scripture, Jesus is letting us know there is a future time when false prophets will try to deceive God's people. You recall the expression - "If it sounds too good to be true......"

False prophets will tell us what they think we want to hear, but it could be to our demise. Jesus tells us plainly - don't believe them! What do you have to lose -- everything if you listen to them.

Remember - Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. (John 14:6)  What do you have to lose? - Nothing - if you follow Jesus!! 


Associate Minister, Edward Robinson  4-26-2020

"Never Alone"   Scripture - Isaiah 43:1-7
Circumstances around us are very chaotic right now and one can easily become panicked. Some might feel God doesn't care about us. But we are not in this fight alone. God said He would never leave us nor forsake us.
Some of us have been thru trials where we have felt all alone. In times like these- remember-
- God is our very present help
-We have a friend in Jesus
-Surrender to God
-He was wounded for our transgressions


No matter where you are, what you are going thru and what is happening right now--   God will not abandon us. You -- we -- are never alone!! 

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. Pastor   4-19-2020

"Joy in the Resurrection"    Scripture-Colossians 3:1-4
The Resurrection is more than an event that happened one time in our history. It is a source of power you can experience in your life everyday! Hope of the Resurrection is not just for a future when we prepare to die; but it is also for right now and to help us overcome obstacles and challenges in our daily lives. Because of Jesus, we have the ability to experience true joy. When we abide in Christ, there is an abundance of joy!! We are to seek those things of Heaven- that is where our true joy is!


Hallelujah!! Jesus lives and in Him there is true joy!! 


Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   4-12-2020

 "Look UP"    Scripture reference - Matthew 14:22-32

When your eyes are looking down, you cannot see what is in front of you. You might hit or bump into someone or something. Looking down can cause you to miss something very important.

Let’s look at the apostle Peter. In the scripture of Matthew, we see Peter walking on the water with Jesus. It was Peter’s faith, and his focus on Jesus - that gave him the ability to walk on the water with the Son of Man. But, Peter began to look “down” - he looked at the circumstances he was in - roaring and stormy waters, high winds and crashing waves. He took his eyes off Jesus. He looked “down” at what was going on around him and began to sink - fall -bump into things. His looking “down” and not ahead to Jesus, jolted and wavered his faith. He recognized his mistake in looking down and cried out to the Lord for help.

There are benefits for us when we look ahead - or look up. If we don’t look up, we will miss God’s blessings. We will miss His instruction for our next step. We will fall and stumble into the enemy’s traps and holes. Don’t let distractions - your phone, struggles or any of life’s hiccups and waves - take your eyes off Jesus. Don’t look at the situation around you. Remember - God is bigger than your problem!!

Keep your head up--keep looking up!!!

Min. Adrianne Robinson  3/15/2020

"Tried and True"  Scripture- Proverbs 30:1-6

The motto of McDonald's is "You deserve a break today". Through the years, McDonald's has tried many food ideas, and had some food failures.


Has anyone told you-
- you stupid
- you won't amount to anything
- you are not worthy
- you are a waste of a human?


Do you feel like doors are being closed in your face? Are folks trying to put their negativity on you? Have you ever found yourself crying out your heart and soul to God? Times like these will bring you into God's receiving arms.

Understand, people will disappoint you, but God is tried and true and he will take care of you. Prove Him today!! He won't let you down!


Minister Edward Robinson 3/8/2020

"Arrested for Being a Christian" Scripture- Matthew 7:20-23

In the scripture text - Jesus describes the problem and we have to look at ourselves and see if we are the same way.


The term "christian" is used to describe those who believe in Jesus Christ and seek out things which are pleasing to the Lord. Christians are known by the fruits they bear. False teachers are known by the behaviors they display - "bad fruit".

When someone is arrested, evidence is researched to make the claim sticks. If a search is run on your name, will the description of "Christian" come up in the data base?

When Jesus gave His life, His blood makes those who believe in Him clean---again- if you believe. The old evidence against you is wiped away - wickedness, deceitfulness and covetousness. New life now washes in and you can build a case for yourself as a believer in Christ. When you are living for God, it will be evident in your walk and lifestyle.

What evidence will they find on you?

Pastor James A. Jackson, Jr.  3/1/2020

“Are You Ready?   Scripture: Ezekiel 38:7-9

The word ready is a noun, adjective and a verb. The verb definition is “prepare”. You need to ready - be on the alert. God is about to do something in your life.

You may think you’re hiding from God - but He will come up on you and ask “are you ready”?  He will not wait until your finances are right or your life is going smoothly. When it’s time for you to get ready - He will send someone with you.  God can and will equip you for the assignment.  Look at MLK, Shirley Chisholm, Fannie Hamer.....

If you’re ready - God will move. Are you ready?


Minister Edward Robinson 2/23/2020

"Love Is All You Need" Scripture- 1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Yes, this time of year - love is in the air.  February is also National Heart Month. This is the month set aside to provide public awareness about heart disease and the necessity to learn about the dangers of heart disease and ways to protect our heart.  In other words- heart healthy awareness is a way we should love ourselves - by taking care of ourselves.
The book of 1 Corinthians - verse 1 3- is a very popular reading at a lot of weddings. The chapter of love. I believe it sums up that AGAPE love. But I think that people read it, but do not really take in its meaning and really listen to the Spirit’s definition of love.
As God’s representative, our job is to extend love to all - unconditionally. Love is limitless. Love is the foundation for GOD’s plan today...“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”.   It was this love that HE endured the cross.
Red is the color for this month and it is the color of the blood on the One who loves you and who loves me! Our cross - one symbol - easy for people of all nations to embrace—God is love!!
Love is all you need!!
Minister Adrianne Robinson 2/16/2020

"Built to Last"  Scripture Matthew 7:24-27

Preacher- Pastor James Jackson, Jr

It doesn't matter- if the foundation is physical or spiritual- the material will determine its strength. In this life, we must build our foundation on the things of God so we are sure it will stand firm. The scripture speaks to how critical a strong foundation is. Remember- also the story of The 3 Little Pigs?

If we build on Jesus- it won't matter what storms come- our "house" will stand. We have to know the difference between a strong house and a sloppy one. Now substitute the word "house" for "life". Picture this- a sand castle on the beach, next here comes the wave and washes it away as if it was never there. We must have "castles" which can sustain the waves because the waves will come! Trust God and put everything in the palm of His hand. You must be built to last!

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 2/2/2020

"Fix Your Crown"   Scripture- 1 Peter 2:9-12

What’s in the headlines lately---

“Harry and Megan are giving up their royal titles”. This is unprecedented. Some journalists and anyone with an opinion speculate what also may have contributed to this decision was the way Megan was “received” by the press in Britain because of her “hue”. It’s being called a “Megxit”.

Our opinion of ourselves starts with a foundation. If we think we are nothing, then our self-esteem is low. If we think we have value, then our self-esteem is high- it’s healthy. A low self-esteem can lead to jealousy and insecurity and cause that individual to be unproductive. It also leads to depression.

You see- you have to take this scripture of 1 Peter 2 verse 9-10 and make it personal. Replace the “we” with “I”. God knows our flaws, our limitations and every imperfection. But He still loves us. He still calls us a “royal priesthood”! He sent His Son to pay the price for our sins so we can be heirs to the throne. We are children of the King. Do not give up your status!! Don’t exit this royal family!! …….Hold your head up high!! Don’t worry about the haters!! FIX YOUR CROWN!

Min. Adrianne Robinson  1/26/2020

"Patience is a Virtue" Scripture- Psalm 40:1-3
We all know the expression - "hurry up and wait".  The Bible describes patience as a Christian value. This phrase "patience is a virtue" is describing a trait we need to possess.
When God starts to work - He will make the impossible - possible.  All we have to do is be patient.  Psalm 40 verse 3 shows that when God starts to work in your life, people will see a brand new you. Your life will be a testimony!  You just need to be patient.
We need patience to-
  • build our faith in God
  • strengthen us in our storms
  • allow the Holy Spirit to do a good work in us
Think on this - patience is not our ability to wait, but how we wait! Be blessed!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 1/12/2020
Welcome to the 1st Sunday of the New Year 2020!!!
"A New Road for a New Year" Scripture- Isaiah 43:18-19
A new year always brings a sense of hope - a clean slate. We all go though times that we let our past get the best of us. The enemy may try and knock us down - and yes - some of the situations we go through are self-inflicted - but God can carry us over!  Don't forget all the great things He did for you last year-
  1. 1. Realize you have a choice - you can choose to move forward
  2. 2. Know who travels with you - God is right there
  3. 3. Recognize the difference between learning from the past and letting it control you.
Put all that "stuff" behind you. Read Hebrews 12:2 - fix your eyes on Jesus and Psalm 121- look to the hills.
Focus on what is ahead of you.  Stop holding on to those things that need to be let go.  Once you do that - watch God move.  Look at the new road ahead!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   1/5/2020

"Gift receipts- Returns/ Refunds and Exchanges"

Scripture- Matthew 1:18-24

The day after Christmas is a big shopping day - people go to the malls, outlets and stores and use their gift cards and spend the cash they received as gifts. AND - also within the week of Christmas and New Year’s are returns, refunds and exchanges.

But putting all the commercialism and materialistic talk about this holiday aside - we all know that “Jesus is the reason for the season”. He is at the heart of this season and why we celebrate.

He did not come in a fiery chariot. He did not come in a fancy box with a bow on it. No - He came in the dark of night - a silent night, in the flesh of man and wrapped in strips of cloths and laid in a manger. He exchanged His glory to become Man. He walked amongst us and ultimately exchanged His life for ours on an old rugged cross.

Lets exchange our –

Self pity for joy

Bitterness for sweetness

Anxiety for calmness

Rage for cheer

Doubt for faith

Worry for mindfulness

Disappointment for contentment

Fear for courage

Stubbornness for willingness

Retaliation for mercy

The best gift you receive will not come from your family, friends, neighbors or a co-worker. The best gift you and I received came from our eternal and heavenly Father who is known to give good gifts. Jesus - the Christ--our Savior.

Min. Adrianne Robinson   12/15/2019

"Throw It Out"   Scripture- Acts 27:33-38- (especially verse 38)

Song- We're Marching to Zion

Preacher- Minister Edward Robinson

Some of us need something to make us laugh after a hard day of work. I like the show "Hoarders". How do these folks have so much stuff- EVERYWHERE!

Some people are comfortable with the mess they are sitting in or surrounding them. If we are to survive this journey of life - with its trials and tribulations - we have to change how we are living right now.

In these verses of scripture, Paul is in a boat and he has to throw over some items to get control of the boat. Do you realize that you are like a boat? We are God's vessels and a lot of us are steering our boat in the wrong direction and ultimately, will crash.

Free yourself of the stuff in your life that is holding you down. Heartache, stress, fear, guilt shame- THROW IT OUT!!

Min. Edward Robinson, 12/8/2019

"Less of Me, More of You"   Scripture- John 3:26-30 

Song- There is Power in the Blood


Many Christians say "I want more of God in my life". But in fact, we need to give Him more of us until He has all of us. It's not about us- it is all about Him.

Surrender is an act of our will to give the reins to God. This is a life-long process. God gave us this life to live and to live to please Him. John the Baptist knew he had to decrease so Jesus could increase. (John 3:30). We have to decrease daily so God can increase- people should see Him at work in our lives.

How may of us have given ALL to God? Have we totally surrendered to Him? When we decrease and let Him increase, our soul can prosper. We have to get out of the way so Jesus can move.  How?-

1. Understand who Jesus is

2. Learn how to forgive

3. Love as Jesus loved

4. Become a student of the Word.

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor    12/1/2019



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