A brief summary of past sermons edited by Min. Adrianne J. Robinson

"Spice Girls" -- Luke 24:1-3 -- The women in Jesus' ministry traveled with Him as He taught on faith, love, charity, grace and mercy. These women were business owners and at one time, they did not know God's Word for themselves. Keeping the Sabbath holy- they waited until Sunday to prepare Jesus' body for burial. When they went to the tomb, they brought spices. But when they left the tomb- they had salvation!


The Good News is they came for a funeral, but had a family reunion. The Good News is regardless of what you have been through, who you are or what boulders are in your way - Jesus can move in your life and the promise of salvation is yours.  Be blessed.

Min. Edward Robinson  11/4/2018

"I Call You Faithful" -- Hebrews 3:1-6 -- No matter what you go through, please know God is there with you. No matter what negative statements people may say about you, God is faithful. When you look back over your life- you couldn't have done it alone- God was with you every step of the way. Jesus is our High Priest. He died on the cross for you and for me. If you take 1 step towards Him, He will take 5 steps towards you. Even if we have moments of being "faithless", God remains faithful.

To have a relationship with God requires faith. Whether you are on your last dime, feel all alone, enemies against you, lost a loved one or all looks lost -- He is there- Jesus. He is faithful!!

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor 10/28/2018

"Are You Looking at the Clock" -- Psalm 133 -- Oct 16, 1995- the Million Man March took place in Washington, DC. It was a day of unity, atonement and accountability. The text tells us how good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity. It is time that the men of the church come on one accord in a unified effort.

1 Chronicles 12- when David was on the run, Israel was divided and all of the different factions came together. They know what time it was. It was time to bring Israel on one accord. The clock is ticking. Are you looking at the clock?
(Min. Edward Robinson 10/21/2018  First Baptist Church Men's Day Service

"Seasons" - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8  The song- Turn! Turn! Turn! was the second album by the folk rock band The Byrds and was released in December 1965 on Columbia Records. The basic chorus of the lyrics state-
“To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn...
And a time for every purpose under heaven”.
Our life is our faith journey set up in seasons. We go through our winter, we go through our summer, we go through our spring and we go through our fall seasons. The difference is - that unlike the U.S. in which all states will recognize the calendar seasons, our season may not be a season that another person is in. You may be in a Winter Season right now -- you may be in a Summer Season right now… And our particular season may last longer than someone else in that similar season. And our seasons may not go in the exact order as the natural seasons do- Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
The point of the seasons - it’s God’s plan for your life. Our seasons symbolize life’s movement. The seasons are cycles of life and in each season or cycle - we will have work to do. That work may be to change our perspective, seek or ask for forgiveness, love on someone, pray for someone, do a job for God. Praise God when we go into our seasons. Why? Because if signifies growth in our walk with God. Embrace the changing leaves - Fall is here - winter is coming….
Embrace the change in seasons!!

Min. Adrianne Robinson  10/14/2018

"MISSION HIM-POSSIBLE" - LUKE 1:37  The original Mission Impossible series started September 17, 1966 and ran until March 30, 1973. The foundation of each episode started with an assignment given to an IMF agent. IMF stood for “Impossible Missions Force”. Each episode opened with a fast-paced montage, and that great theme music. The assignment most always dealt with some sort of national or worldly threat. A covert mission against dictators, evil organizations... or crime lords. It covered details of the ones involved who needed to be captured and stopped. The recording always included these infamous words- “your mission, if you choose to accept it".

I want to invite you to think about your mission in a different way--

“MISSION HIM- POSSIBLE”-- with the Him referenced to is God. The Bible is full of folks who were able to accomplish great feats - awesome assignments, because God was with them. If God called them, He surely equipped them. He gave them the needed Intel, technology and equipment that was needed for a successful mission.


Will you be on God’s “IMF” team? You see unlike the movie- if you get caught- God will not disavow you---He will never leave you nor forsake you…..You stay on His radar!! Will you allow Him to do great things through you? Do you believe that nothing is impossible for Him?
Min. Adrianne Robinson  9/16/2018

"Bent, but not Broken" -- Luke 13:10-13  When you are holding onto a heavy burden, you can take it to the Lord. This woman had an issue for 18 years and it kept her in a bent state. Regardless of what is keeping you bent, holding you down - please know that Jesus can fix it. There is no situation too great or messed up that Jesus cannot get you back upright. The storms may come and the winds will blow - and you may bend under your circumstances - but you will not be broken in the process!! Be blessed!!

Min. Edward Robinson  9/9/2018

Embracing a New Identity -- 2 Corinthians 5:17   We have been deceived and hoodwinked!! It's time we embrace a new identity - not a new name - but a new identity in Christ. A change will come if we deny ourselves and decide to follow Jesus. We will get to the point that we will get tired of where we are, who we are and what we are doing. The "old is gone" means you no longer have to be who you were yesterday. To embrace our new identity, we must understand that everything new comes from God. We need to accept Jesus - give in to God. Our identity will be changed in Heaven. Be the new creation God intended you to be!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Pastor  9/2/2018

“In God’s Waiting Room”  -- Isaiah 40:28-31  The themes in this Old Testament book is salvation, comfort and promise. Our God does not fatigue and is never exhausted. He has enough strength for Himself, but also for His smallest creature. Eagles symbolize vigor and freedom. They rise the highest in flight and above any and all dangers.
The word wait means “to stay in a place or state of expectation”. Waiting is not a popular concept or practice. We can get frustrated and stressed in the waiting. We live in an “instant need” society. We want and expect God to move now! But there are times we will have to wait and feel like our faith is being tested. We may scream- “How long Lord”!!?? You know when you go to the doctor’s office for an appointment? You arrive on time but you have to wait to be seen. You can choose to be angry or you can choose to occupy your time until you’re seen.

4 things we can do while waiting on God-

1. Remember who God is.

2. Reflect on what He’s done.

3. Recognize distraction.

4. Be relentless and refuse to give up! Be blessed!!
Guest Preacher -- Evangelist Karen Boateng  8/26/2018

ACCOUNTABILITY...No More Excuses! -- Ezekiel 33:1-9
The definition of the word accountable is “to be held responsible/ required to account for one’s conduct/ to answer to”. When you know what you know you know!
Ezekiel-he was a man who chose to obey God. He is known as the “street preacher”. He was preaching about God’s judgment and salvation- calling for the people to repent and obey. His message is all about accountability. He’s also called a “watchman”. A watchman has to keep watch in the town. A watchman’s job is dangerous; If he fails at his job, others could get hurt.
We will all have to give an account--an explanation of and for our actions. We have to give account to Christ- not to other people. Romans 14:12 tells us that: “So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.” As Christians- people of faith- not only are we accountable for what we do in our own lives, but we will be responsible for what we do or don’t do for others. Ezekiel was called a watchman--he was responsible to sound the alarm and initiate the warning.
There might be someone that God wants you to warn, help, influence, or just tell him or her about salvation. Maybe the Holy Spirit is nudging you to pray for someone, maybe to say an encouraging word, maybe to give loving criticism or advice.

Spiritually- what can we do to be sure we remain accountable-
1. Pray
2. Read your Bible
3. Renew your mindset
4. Have an accountability buddy
5. Corporate Bible study
6. Don’t judge others
7. Remember - “life and death are in the power of the tongue”
8. Allow the Holy Spirit to shape you
9. Praise when you feel like worrying
10. Seek and give forgiveness

Min. Adrianne Robinson 8/19/2018

"Even Now" --  John 11:17-27 (esp verse 22)
Why did the Savior come so late? He could have prevented this tragedy. Sometimes when you leave the presence of God, it may not always be a "mountain-top" experience. His answer may be "No" or "Wait". Sometimes we ask- "Why them and not me?" when we see others doing better than us. We may wonder- "What do they have that I don't have?"
As followers of Christ, we have the right to expect God to answer, provide and show... up! But the right of expectation does not give us the right to "run" God. Any attack/ rough season of life is difficult and sensing God's presence helps us through. But if God seems silent, that is a sound so deafening and we feel abandoned and lost. How can we keep our faith through those times of silence? Remember what He has done in the past. Hold on to a verse of scripture that gives you hope- such as Jeremiah 29:11. All we have to do is believe and keep believing and we won't miss it!  Even now... He is working. Be blessed.

Guest Preacher -- Rev. Everett Mitchell  8/5/2018

"Who's Watching the Kids" -- Matthew 2:13-14.  The Children's Defense Fund was established to advocate on the behalf of children. To fight for the forgotten, neglected children that were left behind. The bible tells us that King Herod became enraged when he heard a new King was born in Bethlehem, Judea. That fear drove him to enlist the wise men to find him that He may worship him too. The children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. When there are evil forces that want to destroy our children, we must protect them. God knowing the evil plans, spoke to Joseph and told him to take the child and mother and flee to Egypt. God will protect us from evil by moving us out of harm's way.

Min. Edward Robinson  7/15/2018

"Happy Birthday, Again"  -- John 3:1-8 and 1 Peter 1:23. Everyone is different- different gender, faith, economic status, ethnicity, height, weight, size, attitude. We all go through different trials and situations related to finance, relationships, health. But one thing we all share - no matter who you are, where you live or what you believe in. It is something that is happening right now and everyday. That is - birthdays!!! We all have one.

We all go through stages of growth and development with every passing birthday. As in our physical process at each birthday there are stages, it is the same spiritually. But these changes in development don’t take place year after year like our natural birthdays. No, these stages are part of our daily process in our walk with Jesus. Not everyone is in the same stage of life physically or spiritually. Jesus is telling us that people don’t enter the kingdom of God by living a better life, but by being spiritually reborn. Jesus told Nicodemus in the book of John that a man must be born again - through the Spirit and spiritually as we grow - we can become new and new in Christ - our soul is reborn. Happy Birthday, Again!!

Min. Adrianne Robinson  7/8/2018

"Practice what You Preach" - 1 Peter 2:21-24. Stop making excuses! The time of judgment is soon coming. We will all be accountable for our actions. We must put into practice what we learn in the Bible. In today's society, people will tell other people what they need to do, but not walk in their own talk.
If you profess to be a Christian, people should see Christ in you. Stop being a hypocrite!
Some steps we can follow in order to be able to practice what we preach- lose your life in Christ, believe God has called you, look the enemy in the eye and tell him to get behind you and do not be self righteous. If we want to attract others, we must be that light.
Jesus led by example. Practice what you preach!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr, Pastor  7/1/2018

"You Have a Reason to Say Thank You" - Luke 17:11-16. The scripture for today's sermon is an illustration which demonstrates an example we all can follow. We serve a God who will meet us right where we are. He is not just "seated on high" - He comes down low. Sometimes the Lord will show up in unexpected places to call His own to Him. His methods may not seem logical to us, may not fit in our plan, but the plan will come to pass- what you have been praying for will come to... pass. Jesus was strolling along and the lepers called out to Him. He is strolling by your way right now - call out to Him! When He answers our prayers - the least we can do is say "THANK YOU"! 

Guest preacher - Rev. Dr. Nicole Drakeford- First Baptist Church, Vaux Hall, NJ

Pastor James A. Jackson, Jr's 2nd Anniversary Celebration Service 6/24/2018

"The Loving Father" -  Scripture reference Luke 15:20-24. In Luke 15 the Bible tells us the son wanted his inheritance, but he lost it all. He had sinned and was living a lifestyle which went against what his father had taught him. He wanted to- and needed to- return home. The world had beaten him up. When things took a bad turn, he realized he could go back home again. His father showed him compassion.
If you think you are so messed up, drowning in sin, don't despair- Go...d will accept you. He will not beat you up. He will not abandon you. He will not remind you of your faults. He is our loving Father. Like the father in Luke 15 covered his son with a robe, God will cover us when we return back to Him. Regardless of how far we have strayed-- He is looking for us- waiting us with open arms and ready to have a celebration party to rejoice in our return home!!

Min. Edward Robinson 6/17/2018

"Rejected, but Loved"- Scripture Luke 13:34-35. Have you ever had your love rejected? We all have had our share of perceived rejections- felt our parents loved our siblings more than us. Interviewed for a job and the position was given to someone less qualified. Walking down the street and someone you recognize coming in the opposite direction, crosses the street to avoid you. Your children reject sound advice/ guidance you give them. When a person is rejected, seldom does that individual blame the "rejecter", but rather applies it to their worth. Rejection hurts, but it's not the end of the story.
So how many times have you rejected Jesus? Turned your back on Him? There could be several reasons why someone would reject Him. The individual does not think they need a Savior. What the world offers is more appealing than what is eternal. Fear of social rejection if Jesus is accepted.
Regardless of what others think of you- or what you may think of yourself- Jesus values you! He is knocking at the door of your heart. He is standing in front of you with open arms. Jesus is the Gospel message. He died as a substitute for us so we may have the gift of eternal life. He is waiting, He loves you. He will never reject you!

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  6/2/2018 

"It's Flooded" Scripture- Genesis 7:10-12. MLK said "the measure of a person is not where you stand in moments of comfort, but where you stand in times of controversey and challenge". When things are going good for us, we tend not to think about our problems. Floods come in all sizes and can come from anywhere. What do we do when the "floods" come into our life- hardship, loss of a loved one, sickness, any form of trouble? We must look to the Lord. Your "game" will not be called on account of rain! Our faith must be activated in the flood. Our faith in the Lord will help us rise above the flood waters. God will send unexpected resources to help us navigate the flood. Sometimes our flood will have us pray for others in their flood. Look to Hebrews 11:1 this week as you trust God to dry up the waters!!

Min. Edward G. Robinson   5/27/2018

"Sisters Working Together" -- Scripture Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. (Womens Day service at FBC). The word comaraderie is defined as "mutual trust and friendship among people who spend time together". Sisterhood is defined as "a bond between 2 or more girls, not always related by blood. They always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other like sisters". The body of the church is very important to God. The devil wants to kill, steal and destory that body. But God has a plan for us to work together in unity. Women know how to sacrifice, get the job done and have a willing spirit. We must allow God to use us and we should be a blessing to someone else. We are to pray for each other and bless each other. First we must connect with Christ and then with each other. Thank you God for the Sisterhood!!!

Rev James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   5/20/2018

"Love for Our Mothers"  - Scripture- Proverbs 31:28-30. The first love of your life is usually your mother. Without her, you would have not been born. A mother is the one who teaches and corrects you while growing up. A mother goes from being your mom, mommy, mama or madre- to your coach - and hopefully, eventually - one of your best friends. In the scriptures, other than Jesus, mothers get the most glory and honor. Through King Solomon, God reveals his characteristics of a mother in the book of Proverbs. A mother is more than her beauty and divinely shaped body. She is a manufacturer and a manager of her household. The Proverbs 31 woman - yes we refer to as a description of a great wife - but not all mothers are wives…so we can also learn something from this chapter about being a great mom. She has integrity, resourcefulness, strength and dignity. All this is because of her reverence for God. So whether she is our biological mother, or someone who took the place of one - bless her. Tell her you love her. Thank God for MOTHERS -- the givers of life and nourishment - thank God for them!!! Minister Adrianne Robinson 5/13/2018

"The Final Turning Point" -  Scripture Exodus 3:1-12. Many people are longing for a break-thru. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. People don't want to merely exist in the short time we have on this earth. Remember the woman with the issue of blood? (Matthew 9:20). Her faith helped her reach her turning point. We can make our own strides to try and get out of a situation that is holding us down, but it will leave us frustrated if we are not relying on God. We must look to Jesus. Jesus is our greatest turning point- He holds our break-thru. God gave us His Son so we would be able to!!

Guest preacher- Brother Bob Weston visiting from Jamaica  5/6/2018

"Wounds and Scars" - Isaiah 53:3-5 and John 20:24-29 Verse 5 of Isaiah 53 says - “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” By His wounds we are healed!!! Jesus - 100% divine and 100% human. Because of His humanity, He felt the indescribable painful sensation of nails being driven into His hands, side and feet. Can you grasp this? His injury, His sacrifice of His body, the wounds that were inflicted on Him saved you!! Healed you!! His suffering was for our sins. Our well-being is a result of His wounds. You did not have to endure this injury or sustain this wound. Jesus did. He went though the emotional pain of gossip and rejection so we could be in fellowship with the Father. Then we have His nail scars. And those scars are beautiful!! There are our blessing…..His wounds were necessary. His scars are necessary. The scars on His body are an invitation to those who don’t know Him and the sacrifice He paid. Don’t despair over your wounds. Don’t despise your scars. God can heal your wounds and use your scars to help others--give them encouragement, empathy in their situation, bring them to an understanding of the saving grace that we all desperately need!! Wounds and scars--part of this life. The ones that Jesus endured and has---necessary for eternal life.

Min. Adrianne Robinson 4/22/2018 

"You can't stay here" - Genesis 12:1-4. God asked Abram to move. By his moving in obedience, God made him a blessing and a great nation. Our true blessing is not in the moving, but in the obedience to move. John 5 tells us that whatever is in-firming you, holding you back, not allowing you to reach your full potential- the blessing will be in your willingness to move from wherever you are to where God is taking you. You can't stay here.

Min. Ed Robinson 3/25/2018

"Second Time Around"- Jonah 2:10-3:2. There is no greater frustration when you are unable to reach someone when you need them. Has the Lord called you and you are not answering?? Do you feel inconvenienced by Him?? It doesn't matter who we are or what we've done- it does not stop God from being God! No matter how long you have been in your situation- when He commands, you will be let go! Sing that familiar song/phrase - "I'm coming out" (Diana Ross circa 1980). Trust God will call you a second time! Be blessed...

Rev Dr. Nicole Drakeford, guest preacher, First Baptist Church, Vaux Hall, NJ  3/18/2018 

"Tradition or Faith" -- Mark 7:6-13. Just about every person who gives up a particular something for this Lenten season, will go back to it once Easter is over. “Ash Wednesday” and “Lent” are not in the Bible. There are no scriptures to support one day out of the year to get ashes on your forehead or a traditional 40 day period to give-up something. In the spirit and sense of faith, when we give up something, it is not for our physical benefit---- it is to get closer to our Lord. It should demonstrate our repentance and need for forgiveness. He doesn’t want us to try to appease Him with so-called sacrifices and rituals. God doesn’t want religious practices; He desires us to become living sacrifices and live rightly--everyday! Tradition focuses on actions and routines; faith focuses on Jesus and the promise of salvation!

Minister in Training, Adrianne J. Robinson 3/11/2018

"God cleans up what we mess up" -- John 2:13-22. Have you ever looked at your life, your past and thought "what a mess"? Sin scars us, but God's plan is that we are "more than conquerors" (Romans 8:37). God is trying to clean us up, but we keep wanting to go back to those places He delivered us from. You don't have to have a great start to have a great finish! Accept the reality of the messy situation in your life and confess and pray. Know that God accepts you as you are. Tired of your mess? Give it to God!!

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor   3/4/2018

“Reclaiming my Time” -- Nehemiah 6:1-3. Have you ever had someone to waste your time? Maxine Waters uttered this now familiar and famous phrase- “Reclaiming my time!” The Bible tells us in the 6th chapter of Nehemiah, forces tried to prevent the rebuilding of the wall in Jerusalem. They wanted to stop the rebuild by using tactics to waste the time of the builders. Nehemiah had to utter that phrase “Reclaiming my time!”, when the enemy tried to divert his time from his work for God. So when the enemy is trying to take your mind and your time away from what God has called you to do, you must say- “Reclaiming my time!”

Min. Edward Robinson 2/25/2018

"Revolutionary Thinking"- John 17:1, 20-26.  "The revolution will not be televised- the revolution will be live"!! MLK, Black Lives Matter, Kaepernick, raised fists, marching in protest--- all examples of revolutionary thinking. Jesus introduced a new way of thinking that went totally against the grain of the world and also against the way the leaders of His day were teaching and preaching. If you read any of the gospels- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John- Jesus taught radical ideas- love and pray for your enemies---- consider it a blessing when people talk about and ridicule you--- do not repay evil for evil--- hating someone is the same as murder---give to and honor the poor---do not judge others---if someone takes your cloak- give him also your tunic----he who is last will be greatest--- if you lose your life, you will gain it---the first shall be last and the last shall be first----don‘t worry about tomorrow----pray in secret---…..and on and on….Jesus came and changed the whole scene.
My brothers and sisters, we have a long way still to go. A lot of work needs to continue and lies ahead of us- to change the world‘s perspective of people of color and change the world‘s perspective in accepting Jesus.
"The revolution will not be televised- the revolution will be live"!!                                                    Minister in Training, Adrianne J. Robinson 2/18/2018

"Having Dinner with Jesus". Luke 14:15-24.  Have you ever been invited out to be with someone- maybe dinner or a celebration party? Did your decision to go or not go depend on who was sending the invite? If Jesus invited you out, would you drop everything and go, or would you worry about how you looked or what you were wearing? Jesus has prepared the dinner- all we need to do is show up. Coming to His table assures us 3 things- 1)- never being thirsty or hungry, 2) Knowing He cares and 3) Confident He loves us! Are you ready to dine with Jesus?

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr. Pastor 2.4.2018

"Put a Praise on It". Scripture reference - 2 Chronicles 20:6-9, 20-22. When we lift up our praise to God, it causes the enemy to get upset. Praising Him says you are happy for what He is going to do. Putting a praise on "it" 1) makes you triumphant in battle, 2) opens your heart to God and 3) gives you eyes of faith. In whatever circumstances you face, put your praise out first and then watch God move!! Instead of focusing on the problem, Praise Him!!

Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor  1.28.2018

"Restore your Luster". Scripture reference- Isaiah 54:11-14.  If you are feeling dull in your prayer life, your Bible study, your walk with the Lord- He can restore your luster. He can remove the haze and dullness. He can make you brand new. He can bring light to that dark place and bring you comfort and joy! Today you say: "This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine!"

Min. Edward Robinson 1.21.2018

"Weekly scripture empowerment-  "I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.” (Psalm 77:11-12, NIV). As 2017 draws to a close, consider, review and remember all that the Lord has done for you. If He showed up in 2017, you can trust and believe, He will show up for you again in 2018. Thank you Lord for this year and the year to come. AMEN!!"

Plain Faith Ministries  December 2017

"Stop Giving God Your Leftovers". Scripture reference - Proverbs 3:9-10.  God deserves first place in our lives. He deserves the best of our time, talent and treasure. If you take 1 step towards Him, He will take 2 steps towards you. Can you hear the song- "You can’t beat God’s giving, no matter how you try. And just as sure as you are living and the Lord is in heaven on high. The more you give, the more He give to you, but keep on giving because it’s really true that you can’t beat God’s giving, no matter how you try." Try Him today and see Him work miracles in Your life. He gave us His best when He sent His Son- Jesus!!
Rev. James A. Jackson, Jr., Pastor, FBC    October 2017

"Fair Weather Fan". Scripture- Job 1:1-3, 13-22.  In the beginning of any sports season, there is an anticipation in the air of being the ultimate winner and the utmost support for the team and sometimes, for particular players and coaches.  Suddenly, the fan who was so loyal in the beginning and when things were good, is not so loyal anymore. He or she is jumping ship, changing sides and even trash talking against their own team. This is your “fair weather fan”. Being a “fair weather fan” is not only in the sports arena. It happens in our lives everyday for all circumstances. And dangerously, it happens towards God.  We have to become that “die-hard fan”- which is the fan who follows and stays with their team no matter if they are winning or losing. NO matter if life is great or disaster hits.

Try this saying to keep from becoming a fair weather fan-

** Happy moments- Praise God**
** Difficult moments- Seek God**
** Quiet moments- Worship God**
** Painful moments- Trust God**
**Every moment- Thank God**

 October 2017 

"WORSHIP- It’s not just for Sundays".  Scripture reference - John 4:4-9, 21-26.  Now understand this- this is my disclaimer- I am not at all saying that going to a place with an assembly of believers is not needed. The Bible tells us that we should “not forsake the assembling of believers”. What I am saying is we need to worship GOD in spirit and truth- each and everyday. Being a believer is “not just a Sunday thing”. Worship is an obedient service to GOD. It’s not about where you worship, but HOW- you worship. Is it genuine? Is it true? Do you allow the Holy Spirit to help you? GOD is not limited- not in His forgiveness, love, grace, mercy and patience- so we should not be limited in our worship---devotion, adoration, honor or reverence to HIM. Let us be what GOD has called us to be. Own the title of a true worshiper and worship our Lord in spirit and truth!

September 2017

"Let’s Talk about Faith"- scripture reference- Hebrews 11:1-3, 34-39. Our faith will be put to the test. See--- God has to know that He can trust you to trust Him!! Will you trust Him? Will you put your faith in Him? When situations get rough and the enemy is at your back- will you continue to stand on that faith and not waiver? Faith- trusting in what I don't see---Knowing GOD's got my back! Don't look at the overwhelming circumstances that may come in your life, but trust in GOD's overwhelming assurances for your life!

August 2017

"Your latter will be greater". Scripture reference- Job 42:12-17. You may be going though, but if you remain faithful to God, lean and trust in Him, He will bring you out on the other side better than you were before!! 

Rev. James A. Jackson, Pastor, FBC Belmar  August 2017

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